Walmart’s customer friendly price check policy


We just stopped off at the Walmart in Roswell,NM on our way to Midland,TX. The wife needed some baby wipes that were labeled at $4.97 on the shelf of the the largest retailer in the ENTIRE WORLD.

We get to the check out line and no price was returned when the cashier scanned the baby wipes that we use to clean our hands when we dine at Lemon Grass in the same city. The friendly young female Walmart associate asks us the price of the item rather than request a price check from a hard to find employee who prefers other tasks than running down aisles to find the price.

My wife honestly replied that the price was $4.97. The cashier only charged us $2.50 as compensation for the minor inconvenience of waiting an extra 30 seconds in line! She then informed us that Walmart cashiers have the discretion to take the customer’s word on items that do not return a price when scanned.

She also mentioned an instance where a price check took over 15 minutes one day during her shift when the line was particularly long enraging a gentleman in line who was already in a big hurry. The guy stormed out of the store screaming expletives at the attendant event though it was not in, any way, her fault.

Thanks Walmart for keeping the lines moving with your very customercentric policy of not forcing us to wait in line for dilatory price checks. Time consuming price checks costs you customers. Great Idea!

Read the interesting commentary of ihaveneverbeenhappy at reddit.  This person is a Walmart cashier who frequently lets the customer name their own price since CSM’s take over 10 minutes to execute the price check. ihaveneverbeenhappy sounds entirely too intelligent to be working as a Walmart checker. This guy honestly describes the depressions he has experienced in his mind numbing occupation as cashier.  He observes many shoppers prevaricating about how the price on the shelf is a lower price than the scanned price KNOWING that cashier does not want to hassle with a price check…….


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