Warning Ticket for Speeding in New Mexico


We got pulled over for going 66 mph in a 55 mph zone just south of Moriarity, New Mexico. We actually passed the police officer who issued the citation or warning. He was driving one of those SUV type state police vehicles.

The state trooper that pulled us over, named Gallardo, was very professional and courteous. And, yes that is a papa Murphy’s pizza Waiting to be cooked underneath the warning ticket.

By the way , if you look at the bottom of the ticket it’s not really a warning ticket it’s a warning notice for speeding. Also, do your best to be cordial and courteous to the attending officer. The difference between a warning notice and a speed ticket can have long term financial implications with respect to your insurance premiums.

Finally, let us give worthy praise to Steve Wolfe of Roswell, NM for his important and effective community work for Crime Stoppers. Part of Crime Stoppers, which is a neighborhood watch program, revenue is collected from speeding ticket fines and other traffic citations.

Warning Ticket for Speeding in New Mexico
Warning Ticket for Speeding in New Mexico

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  1. If you choose to contest a speeding ticket and are stopped for speeding on Native American Indian land, then you may have to challenge the traffic citation in a tribal court.

  2. A police officer named Edgea Lomus(not Edgar) pulled us over for going 63 in a 55 zone on the relief route in Roswell near second street. We were late for class and this newbie cop was trying to make a name for himself . We saw him pulling people over again the next day.

    1. Speaking of relief route in Roswell, DOT is fog sealing from mile marker 0 to marker 3. That must mean it makes the roads safe from being slippery by fog?

      1. Thomas e Jennings wrote letter to editor referencing Roswell “bypass” certainly meaning the relief route. He believes Roswell was promised money by DOE for Waste Isolation Pilot Plant(WIPP) and never received it. He also declares relief route is unsafe with at/grade crossings, stop lights and stop signs.

        News flash: Thomas, that was 30 years ago. Good luck getting DOE to pay whatever you perceive they owe Chaves County. Moreover the “relief route” (not Roswell “bypass”) serves a great civilian function. We drive 10 mph over speed limit all the time out there avoiding abysmally low speed limits and construction work in city.

  3. The officer that pulled you over is named Edgar Lemus. He sees the world in black and white. You broke the law and it is his job enforce the law. I would prefer to see him going after the very undesirable drug elements in Roswell rather than going after safe drivers who are a little over the limit on the loop.

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