Where should a Bicyclist’s rights end?

Bike in middle of road
Bicycles can drive in middle of road legally

The road sign you see allows cyclists to bike legally in the middle of  north church street in McKinney , Texas . The sign indicates bicycles may use the full lane. As you can see this road has no shoulder, but motorists traveling at 30 mph could get stuck in line behind much slower moving biker.

Biker friendly cities are one thing, blocking automobile traffic is another. To be fair this is a little traveled road on the way to trade school called the Job Corps. I have seen cyclists pedaling down busy roads in very large cities. This practice is very dangerous in my view and the law is not so clear about the legality of bikes sharing the roads with cars going two or three times their speed.

Read the article by DC writer David Alpert about the 62-year-old cyclist who was heading down a hill and said on your left to warn an 81 year old woman walker. The disoriented and surprised elderly woman  turned around while moving to the left saying “what?” The bicyclist then collided with her causing her to fall and fatally strike her head on the ground. I believe it is the cyclist responsibility to note the approximate age of the pedestrians in the proximity and make appropriate safety adjustments.



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