Who Is That Famous Person at Roswell Invader’s Game


The Pecos League is sometimes confused with Double-A Minor League baseball teams. This is not the case as Pecos League teams service desert/mountain cities that do not have a minor league team. As of this writing Alpine,Texas  Roswell,NM  Alamogordo,NM  Trinidad, Colorado  Santa Fe,NM  and Las Cruces, NM are the cities with Pecos League professional baseball teams.

The following photograph was taken at Joe Bauman Stadium in Roswell, New Mexico. (Bauman for many years held the professional baseball single season home run record at 72 until Barry Bonds hit 73)

Now the point of this article. Famous people, dignitaries, and luminaries frequently yearn for a plain and simple life. Madonna once said she would have given anything to go back to the days where she could go out in public and not be hassled by the general public for autographs etc.

Well, a celebrity figured out a way to go out in public like an everyday Joe one night in Roswell, New Mexico. The picture you see below was taken in the top of the 5th inning at a Roswell Invader/Alpine Cowboy Pecos League professional baseball game. Professional baseball is not very popular in the Alien City and yes that is where the Invaders got their name!

If you are good at recognizing profiles, then you should recognize the profile of this older famous individual attending the baseball game. Locate the guy in the Philadelphia Philly jersey and then come a little toward the foreground of the picture. You should be able to recognize this celebrity a little past his prime and out of the limelight. It may help to copy the digital picture and then zoom in with the viewer of your choice.

What was amazing about this particular celebrity was that he was only approached once for  an autograph! I just don’t think anybody at an Invader’s baseball game expected somebody of this person’s status to attend an event so wide open to the general public!

We are so used to seeing a famous person all made up and exquisitely attired and I think this particular celebrity was kind of betting that nobody would recognize him. His strategy worked!

HINT: What does the movie The Firm and Quaker Oats have in common?

I was fascinated that a rich celebrity like this enjoyed spending his time this way. Most of the spectators at this rundown baseball stadium have to spend a lot of their time worrying about how to pay their next mortgage payment. This celebrity is set for  life financially but he still enjoys hanging out with the commoners.

Can You Spot this Famous Person at Pecos League Baseball Game?

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  1. We have a helluva time watching the Trinidad triggers swing them bats and the booze and nachos really help when we are getting our butts kicked. I looked carefully at that picture and I don’t see anybody famous, but like you were saying it’s sort of hard to recognize a celebrity when they are not on the set. Who was the celebrity anyway?

  2. Glad to see there is fan base in both Roswell and Trinidad! We love watching the Vaqueros here in Cruces. Some really hot college girls in tight shorts were out for the game one night and even the players were checking out these horny chicks. I think one of the players hooked up after the game. I guess we have proof that some women will also chase after underpaid professional athletes!

    Apodoca Field looks a little more modernized than the Roswell baseball park. Did you know that Andrew Dunn is the president of the Pecos League AND the owner of the Las Cruces baseball team? That is an odd deal. I know that could not happen in the major leagues. Seems like too many possible conflicts of interest.

    You are right about a lot of folks confusing the minor leagues with the Pecos League. I think the Pecos League is somewhere between 2A and 3A as far as how well they play. It’s a good time though no matter how they play!

  3. Ballparkdigest.com recently reported the following:

    Citing increased hotel costs, decreased fan support and an expensive ballpark lease (relatively speaking), the independent Pecos League has pulled the Invaders out of Roswell.

    I can not say that I blame the Pecos League for yanking the baseball team out of Roswell. It is a business venture and profit is the name of the game for any business endeavor. Will miss the friendly staff at Bauman stadium including Geoffrey Gunn(Voice of the Invaders) whose rendition of Take me out to the Ball Park was second to none.

  4. Much thanks to Karen Boehler of ccsr Chaves County Sports Report for her excellent write ups that promoted and publicized the Invaders short but enjoyable time in Roswell!

    1. Hate to tell you, but the invaders are still in town and won the league championship. Maybe you are from roswell, Georgia. Whoever posted this article is pulling our leg. I sure do not see anybody famous in the pic!

      1. Looks sort of like Wilford Brimley to me. He played security guy in The Firm and did oat meal commercial. Are you talking about man with lady in pink sitting to his left?

  5. Andrew Dunn got some bad press for the fight with Las Cruces, but it was the Vaqueros third base coach who was fighting with the umpire after a controversial call at first base that caused the fight. He shoved the umpire after what he thought was a bad call at first base. I am not sure who the owns the Roswell Invaders. The manager is Simon Walters.

  6. Look out boys, Chris Ebright Is in town managing your Roswell invaders. Ebright Brings in some excellent prospects from the East Coast Who he became aware of during his college coaching career. First home game will be against the Las Vegas train robbers …….be there! I think the invaders are still playing their games at joe bauman stadium

      1. Greg Berkemeier, baseball coach at Florida Tech, is the start of a quality player pipeline to Roswell. He sent Pitcher Cody Lewis to the desert in southeastern NM to embark on his new professional baseball career. Invaders will win many pecos league titles!

  7. Invaders lost to Alpine Cowboys. Sucks that Sanguliano was given the loss. He pitched helluva game! Dallas Burke was knocking the cover off the ball. Thanks to Bob Baily for covering it newspaper .

    Some cool dudes on the team are Charles Dubanoski, Mike Londino, Shayne Herold, Jeff Eubank, and Erick Gaylord. These guys don’t get paid much, but make the city a much more exciting place.

  8. I think JASON MCCLELLAN would be much less interested in the baseball team than hyping the science fiction potential of Roswell which he so lucidly does at open minds which is a UFO investigation site. He is close to UFOologist Stanton Friedman.

    1. Don Schmitt most likely lied when he fibbed about a “surprise witness” to the Roswell Incident. Schmitt is the only source to the claim there is an elderly Roswell gentlemen who saw the aliens. Don’s UFO book revenue is barely dripping and this clear prevarication will further diminish his already suspicious reputation as an authority on the matter. Always be on guard when information is spread that would profit the only person who is promulgating said info.

  9. Martin Kral of Roswell has an ego that Is apparently measured by the number of letters he writes to the RDR. Kral boasted that he had written 24 letters about energy consumption. He claims to get the advantage in critical analysis debates involving the future of energy production. Maybe with his wife, but with nobody else. He is a legend on his own mind

  10. We went to Roswell baseball field on Poe Monday night. Invaders were playing the team from Raton. They halted the game for a mosquito break to spray repellent on the players! It was around 104 degrees that day and not many showed up. When you can smell mosquito repellent over popcorn, you know you have picked the wrong entertainment option!! Go Invader! Win the whole thing again this year.

    1. We were there to watch the pitching duel with the Douglas Diablos hailing from Arizona before the invaders beat them in the late innings. Mike Kerns got an RBI double and Ryan Retz hit a solo shot. Jeff Eubank, their best hitter, went 3 for 5. Mosquitos were not quite as bad as the night you were there. Where did you sit?

  11. Yo, is Dimitri Papantonopoulos Russian or Greek. He is solid third basemen. The baseball game Wednesday was scoreless through 5 innings with Roswell pitcher Ernie Zaragoza in command of all his stuff baffling Diablo batters.
    Invaders are playing Bisbee on the road tonight. Why are they called Bisbee Blue? Something about Arizona I guess.

  12. Roswell baseball team thumped the White Sands Pupfish with 6 run outburst in 3rd inning. Balanced attack with Mitch Rowan,Andrew Arp, and Morgan Blatnik contributing. Yo man, what kind of team name is Pupfish? Humorous or serious? Fish that looks like a puppy.

    It’s all good, but at least the Invaders team name relates to aliens. What the hell does Pupfish have to do with White Sands?

    Was it like a fish that got deformed by atomic bomb radiation or something??!

  13. With Dave Ramsey managing and the bat of hot corner batter Aaron Carman, the invaders should dominate the Pecos Valley League. They do need somebody to sell booze cuz Santa Fe Brewing beer is very low quality. Dorrie Faubus-McCarty should make contacts since bad beer and swarming mosquitoes spell low attendance at Joe Bauman field.

    1. You gotta love a baseball player who is a catcher and a pitcher. Danny Grauer from Chesapeake, Virginia is that dude! Invaders got slaughtered 15-1 by white sands pupfish. Was tough to sit through

      1. Invader manager Bryan Kloppe is a players manager asking his team for input on lineups, strategy etc. Rene Moreda,Cody Bishop, Lars Liguori, Roche Woodward harmonize with best team chemistry imaginable for a Pecos league team!
        Jason Butler, Merrill Kelly, Mike Galterio, Mike Marsillo, out of Scottsdale Arizona would be a good fit here if you could talk them in to moving to Roswell.

  14. Just read that Invader third baseman Aaron Carman and his teammates function as groundskeepers for their baseball team. That means they can groom the field to favor the characteristics of their team. For example, if they have a fast bunting team, the groundskeepers can contour baselines where bunts will be less likely to roll foul.

    Also manager Chris Treibt and pitcher Corey Lathram are very cerebral strategists who go for any edge they can get in a game…..knew Corey in Antioch CA

  15. Thanks to photographer Shawn Naranjo for giving us an excellent pre-contact picture of lefty Nolan “Dirtbag” Meadows swinging at a baseball. You can actually see the ball about 3 feet in front of home plate as Meadows is driving the bat through strike zone.

    The RDR article by Jeff Jackson did not quite explain the offensive sounding moniker, but perhaps it is because Nolan is a versatile utility man being able to play many positions as intimated by pitcher Skillman which is a helluva name for any athlete!

    1. We had nice conversations with the intelligent Invader Pitchers Darrell Thompson and Mike Scimanico from Middleton and Front Royal Virginia. I believe they attended/graduated from Shenandoah University. They were out of uniform in the stands measuring ball velocity and keeping stats between starts. There is a Roswell police officer who is at every game and collects cash for the players every time a home run is struck. Most of the fans there appeared to be sponsor families for the baseball professionals who are not particularly well paid.

      Roche Woodard from Tampa Florida is the most reliable player on team, rarely striking out and hitting an opposite field 2 run Shot in a game the Invaders eventually lost 10-9 to Trinidad. This cat was a stud at Hillsborough hitting for average and power with a slugging percentage of around 850!! Invaders were in complete control leading 6-2 before collapsing in the 9th inning with 4 errors!!

      1. “Really big strike zone, but Garret Alvarez pitched well” was the message of manager Bryan Kloppe to the low paid umpires in the invaders loss to a White Sands. Some diplomacy is required as opposed to just saying the home plate umpire sucks.

  16. Invaders won Pecos league again, but fort Marcy park in Santa Fe is a joke with it only bring 265 feet from home plate to right field fence! Our boys put out the fire in fuego with long balls from half the team including mark fowler,Louis Martini,Ryan Davis and Michael Granda and Nolan Meadows. Glad we got out lefty back from Frontier League.

    Thanks to Jeff Jackson of RDR for excellent championship write up and Jeff please replace plethora with multitude for a change of pace. Plethora is hackneyed,tired, and dated.

    1. Jeff jackson’s article on the prowl for the best hamburger was effectively a paid advertisement for Todd Alexander’s Toddzilla’s Mobile Cuisine tasty but overpriced burgers.

      Jeff, in his far from impartial review/”prowl”, neglected to mention the highest quality and reasonably priced burger joint in town Big D’s Downtown Dive which has won national awards! RDR editors should keep their eyes on this type of unethical advertising……I mean reporting?!?

      Check out Big D’s online menu. Their holy guacamole burger is sacrificial man!

      1. Itinerant nurse Lori Boedy of Roswell coulda got the autograph of the Prince of Darkness at the downtown dive if she had been there Thursday. Those dudes would have even allowed her Great Dane in to see the road tripping Osbourne.

      2. This time it was editor howsare giving toddzilla and his food truck burger free advertising in local newspaper. Alexander claims ingredients are grown locally with no freezers or microwaves. We bought one of his overpriced burgers at Cielo Grande at soccer tournament. Tasty but NOT as good as big Ds downtown dive.

        1. Big D’s is falling off a tad. Loud mouth cooks blasting sexual innuendo, mild expletives and north side seating closed off for cleaning prior to closing. Noise from kitchen area unprofessional and not romantic for couples. Fat guy with beard, who appears to be head chef, was banging his utensils on the grill and singing off key when he needed an egg. Doubt owner would approve of clamorous staff who might drive away clientele. Those coarse, restless cooks still whip up ONE HELLUVA HAMBURGER!!

    2. I heard that left handed Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel will be available in game 5, with ONLY 2 days rest, of ALDS versus the Kansas City Royals. The Astros shortstop booted a tough hop would be double play ball that could keep the Astros out of a shot at World Series appearance.

      1. Just when it appeared the Houston Astros were on a run establishing themselves at a strong wild card contender with great chances of winning the division, they go up to Detroit and get dominated in a three game series. Did not even fight except a little in game 2. Much weaker team than I originally thought. The Tigers just served them their ass on a platter. They laid down like little bitches in game 3 losing 11-0. A good team with leadership NEVER gets crushed like that over three game period. A single game blowout happens to the best of them, but Astros are a mere shadow of the team that was 6 outs from eliminating eventual world series winner Kansas City.

        1. Astros have gotten pimp slapped the last two nights by the Los Angeles Angels who came to minute maid park 21 games under 500. They are a spineless weak baseball team who are NOT playoff material. They suck!

    3. Pitcher Ty Geary pitched close to a masterful shut down 8 innings giving invaders an opportunity to win Mountain Division. Invader bats left 9 men on base, but Cody Bishop’s bat was the difference pounding out 3 hits in the clinching victory over the Trinidad Triggers!

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