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Any business endeavor that wins even a small fraction of the health care or weight loss market will bestow a very comfortable lifestyle for the family of the owner for many years to come. We pulled up behind this car in Roswell, New Mexico today that was a moving advertisement for health improvement and weight loss. This was one day after a 12 year old shot a 13 year old bully in the face with a shotgun at a middle school.

The rear window of the vehicle you see in the picture below said improve your health, boost your energy, control your weight. The rear bumper had the inscription Team HerbaLife.  I wish I could have talked directly with the driver as I have frequently wondered if using ones personal car as a traveling office can be a profitable enterprise.

I doubt the owner of HerbaLife has any fixed costs, employees, unemployment insurance, permit costs, etc. Also, his start up costs have to be next to nothing.

Entrepreneur in Motion
Entrepreneur in Motion

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  1. Dude, the person driving the car paid a franchise fee to get national advertising, insurance, localized customer traffic, etc. HerbaLife, an MLM, develops targeted nutrition programs for weight lost and increased energy. The guy in the car is the Roswell,NM HerbaLife distributor.

    1. Christopher Matthews wrote article about the possibility of HerbaLife being a pyramid scheme(multi level marketing) where you make more money recruiting suckers than selling their overpriced health care products which are no better than similar off the shelf products. Bill Ackman, hedge fund CEO, is betting HerbaLife will fail. My cousin was one of those suckers who wished he had never been lured in!

      1. Yes there was a Netflix documentary detailing the international nutritional products company being a pyramid scheme.

        Unfortunately the guy owning the car here was probably at bottom of pyramid!

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