Worthless Convenience Store Las Cruces New Mexico USA


We stopped at this Eagle Qwik Mart in Las Cruces NM on interstate 10 through the city traveling to Arizona. They did not forget how to spell Quick and they also do not have a bathroom for their paying customers. This “convenience store” only had two beat up looking gas pumps not far from where the homeless guy you see below was sitting.



Not far from gas pumps sitting near an abandoned restaurant, was a vagrant Mexican intently staring at motorists who pulled into Qwik Mart for gasoline. He may well have been one of the 11 million illegal aliens awaiting deportation at the hands of president elect Donald J Trump. His MO was to wait for the guy to get out of car hoping he would leave his wife alone in car with doors unlocked on this chilly afternoon during thanksgiving season.



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  1. Roswell NM is battling homeless problem. They plan on opening homeless shelter at 300 east Alameda street off of south Grande after Cattle Baron restaurant did not want it near them.

    The shelter is a city streets department building located close to margarita’s Mexican food and not too far from iconic restaurant Cowboy Cafe. So even in the city’s poverty stricken southeast side, there is no good place to put people who don’t want to work. City manager Joe Neeb faces many challenges on this one!

    1. Dr Kenneth Leadingham was assaulted by homeless man near a proposed homeless shelter site at 11th and north Virginia. The eye doctor had chased a vagrant, who had pissed all over the front of his optometrist office on Main Street, across the street telling the bum to stop because police were coming. Doc leadingham is irate that Roswell police did not respond to his staff’s calls about the urinating incident.

      We had seen people sleeping in bushes next to his vision center, but had just thought they were truant school kids. Kenneth pays property taxes and should be mad City is not dealing with his problem!!

      1. Todd Wildermuth RPD info officer stated leadingham was rude, uncooperative and dismissive with Roswell’s finest even ordering police officers off the premises of his faltering optometrist business. We quit going to him because of 2 month wait times.

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