Would you buy this Bike AS IS!


We saw this bicycle for sale as we walked down the main drag in Gardiner, Montana where we stayed for the two nights required to properly view the magnificent display of nature just south. Never knew the immensity of Yellowstone National Park required the three states of Idaho, Wyoming, and the region of our lodging. We stayed  at Yellowstone Big Rock Inn which had only been open for around a month I think. There was excellent sea food, steak restaurant directly across the street which we patronized.

The For Sale sign you see in picture below offers a 20 speed Sequoia brand for $75 with the caveat emptor  of AS IS! If the seller of said bike reads this, I want him to know we were contemplating its purchase until we noticed the exclamation mark. We construed the exclam as the seller’s unwillingness to enter into any negotiations or haggling over the price. Perhaps the emphasis was more related to “Listen, this is a good deal, I don’t feel like hassling with it, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”. And yes we had a bike rack on our vehicle

I believe the velocipede is a road bike, but not sure. Again, the seller could use the knowledge one typically acquires in introductory marketing courses which includes providing sufficient information for the product you are peddling(pun intended) and not being too forceful in you advertising schemes.

Finally, the lock cable attached to the bike appears to be inadequate to deter the marginally determined thief as bike could be lifted up the for sale sign pole and into the possession of any scoundrel so inclined.



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