Young Love in Graffiti Form


We saw this declaration of Love painted on walk way near the Tuesday Morning store in Roswell,NM. Chad and Miranda apparently wanted everybody in town to know their attraction and LUV, as they spelled it, was unbreakable, enduring, and forever.

Miranda did most of the writing in blue and characterized the bond between her and Chad as “One Luv”. I am guessing they are Goddard High students. Look closely at their artwork to see if you agree.

The only damper on this love story is they added more graffiti to a town that has terrible reputation for excessive graffiti which is mostly gang based. The graffiti problem is so severe that many of the newer homes in Roswell have reacted by building Vinyl Fences which are essentially graffiti proof because of easy wipe downs.

BTW, did you know that the Tuesday Morning retail chain specializes in name-brand close out merchandise. I guess that means name-brand products that have reached the end of their popularity are sold there at deep discounts.

Young love painted on walk way
Young love painted on walk way

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  1. Is the football coach who just retired at Goddard High School the same Sam Jernigan who played football at McMurry in Abilene,TX as a defensive back in the late 70? My daughter dated this blond headed guy I think!!

    1. Did you see RHS valedictorian Katelyn Jordan taking a picture of herself just before she delivered another all too common and hackneyed graduation speech? Her actions reflect the self-absorbed state of today’s youth and the lack of realization that her accomplishment has little to do with truth seeking intelligence.

      1. Roy L. McKay of Roswell was mad that students of the month were not given proper recognition in the RDR. Perhaps he is not aware of grade inflation and social promotion in our nation’s high schools where everybody wins awards. Sorry, Roy that your daughter or son did not get a fake pump up from a watered down award where every kid is supposed to be made to feel good about themselves for little to no effort.

      2. Looks like Cheerleader coach Deborah Perry and Booster Club President Kimberly Guerrero will need a “cheering section” in an Alamogordo court after being charged with stealing, embezzling $20,000 from cookie sales, charlies angels calendars, and car wash fund raisers. Do you know how long it takes to raise 20K from these type of fund raisers? Brit Snyder who was the president of a booster club should have made sure their chaves county adult detention center mug shots were more visible on the RDR headline. “Rah rah ree” ladies don’t let the jail house door hit you on the knee!

        Ask Uncle Forest Metcalf who is absolutely certain his niece Guerrero will be exonerated!

        Jennifer Peach, Georgetta Meredith, Diane Kirbie Melton Barajas have had enough of this small town corruption.

      3. Kudos to the father of Roswell High School punk who started shooting rumor to cancel classes. Dad took his scofflaw inbred runt to police department. A few nights in jail with well hung black inmates should correct that behavior.

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