Anne Lamott: Hallelujah Anyway


Anne Lamott is, without doubt or opposition, an excessively optimistic person and writer. I will provide you with a direct quote from her Hallelujah Anyway effort.

……. a woman confronted the man who had burned her husband and son in front of her. She was asked what punishment should be. She said she wanted him in prison forever, not put to death, and she wanted to adopt him, so she could give him all the love she could no longer giver her husband and son. She let herself out of jail.¬†

Parden the the crude interjective Wow on this one! The author of the slender tome subtitled  rediscovering mercy has an ethical screw loose somewhere. Even something as venerated as mercy has to be dispensed with some sense of moderation and prudence.

I suppose Anne would be the personal Masseuse of the black man who tortured his wife and the buried her alive. He later suffered appropriately with the infamous botched electrocution. Sorry Anne, I don’t think the rest of the world is starving for your distorted notion of mercy. Mercy is fine for the young teenager who robbed convenience once only hanging with the wrong crowd or even the wife who cut off her cheating husband’s genitals.

Your version of the word is an abuse of its definition. Thanks anyway for trying to make the world a better place with your comforting thoughts. Being a Pollyanna has its value.



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