Check out this ergonomic shower stall


How many times have you had to endure cold jets of shower water because the valve  was positioned immediately under the shower head?This is an annoying and common hotel motel experience especially when there is separate hot and cold water valve.

Most hotels, inns, and motels have a diverter mechanism on the bathtub faucet to allow one to adjust the hot cold mix while water is draining into tub, but all of this is made unnecessary by the Lubbock TX Fairfield Inn and Suites stall you see in the picture.

The key to to it all is to have water mixer valve located far away from shower head so that water does not spray down on one while one is adjusting the temperature! I know space constraints and cost do not allow for this luxury in many cases.

Also observe that the fold out disabled/handicapped/physically challenged chair is positioned within operational distance of water mixer valve.

Oh yeah, that Sonicare electric toothbrush in lower left part of picture stimulates your gums and makes your teeth and mouth feel like dental hygienist just did her thing.

Well designed hotel shower stall
Well designed hotel shower stall

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  1. Tessa Miller, writing for Life Hacker, can tell you all about the discomfort and shock of have having ice cold water coarsing over your body!

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