Baby Kangaroos and TV scheduling conflicts


Not sure why it took a DISH TV installation technician to inform me that a Joey is a baby kangaroo. Maybe a sheltered childhood?

We just recently had the DISH Hopper DVR along with the bedroom Joey installed and could not be happier with the quality and the low price of both products and service. We pay around $140 per month for tons of TV channels and internet. The internet service provider contracted by DISH is Century Link. They are only average with quite a bit of slow time and disconnects.

As you can see from the TV screen picture below, we have 396 recordings which take up 51% of the Hopper capacity! Also Today there are 10 scheduled recordings with 0 conflicts  and Tommorow there will be 9 scheduled recordings with 0 conflicts. The system balances the scheduling load between the Joey in the bedroom and the Hopper DVR in the living room.

Before we hooked up with DISH Satellite, we would go to the noisy movie theater and spend around $30 for tickets and expensive, fattening refreshments. We have not been to the movies since we had system installed.

We are gonna dump ShowTime and Cinemax to save money on the bill which means we are recording as much as we can on those services until the cancellation is effective. Cancelling both of these services will decrease our bill down to about $90 per month. The recording capacity is effectively infinite. You do have to delete recordings occasionally. The capacity is roughly 800 movies for an average length show.

No Scheduling Conflicts With the Hopper and Joey
No Scheduling Conflicts With the Hopper and Joey

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  1. We switched to CableOne as ISP because CenturyLink was frequently not working and disconnecting. CableOne internet provides a Motorola Modem. Now I have to constantly reenter my pass code/password. Tech support did not know why pass code was getting dropped or lost.

    1. Cableone Internet service in Roswell,nm is horrible in our neighborhood. Some of us are considering a class action lawsuit. Service drops and disconnects all the time and you can not get through to service center because of the large call volume of people complaining about a very pathetic ISP.
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