Dryer Balls are Worth It


The fact that a product makes it to the shelves of WalMart already means it has passed many stress tests and is a high quality item. That is what I was thinking when we saw some MainStays Dryer Balls today while we were shopping. Darwinism is alive and well at Walmart where survival of the fittest products prevails!

Anyone with a scientific mind would quickly see why Dryer Balls cut down on the amount of time required to dry their garments. Dryer Balls effectively create more “air space” which keeps the clothing more in contact with drying hot air than wet clothing.

Dryer Balls, like Bounce , can also reduce static cling, soften fabric, and add pleasant fragrances. Over the long haul, they will reduce your energy while more than paying for their very low price of around 10 dollars for two of them!

A little of topic: The Dryer Balls package had the Spanish label  Disminuye el tiempo de secado which literally means in English to diminish the drying time. Sorry that is the wordsmith in me 🙂

Dryer Balls




MainStays Dryer Balls Cut Drying Time and Save Energy

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  1. These balls do work pretty well. They will dry a heavy load of clothes in one cycle which will save you some quarters over the long haul. The only problem is that they’re noisy because the balls are pretty hard. The dryer balls have to be hard to make sure your clothes come out soft.

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