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Just prior to stopping off at Farley’s bikers bar in Roswell NM, we saw a Tundra pickup that had to be the guys who saved my wife’s grandparents not too far from Tatum I think. 

We live part of the year in Arizona and swear by Don Crawford who we believe is the best and most fair priced RV  Technician in that neck of the woods.

Anyway, back to her grandfather who thought KOA campground’s breakers would  fully guard  against an overload.  They had stopped for a potty break somewhere east of Roswell. Their prized recreational vehicle would not start because of a fried solenoid in the engine starter. GrandPa thought it was KOA’s fault, but the first order of business was get out of the stranded situation they were in.

That is where Outer Limits RV Mobile Service and Repair saved their ass by either repairing or replacing the solenoid. The owners told grandpa it probably was not the fault of the the breakers at the campground, but the stubborn old cuss believes to this day it was! Pops was amazed at how many parts they had in their Toyota Tundra repair truck avoiding big time delay and getting them back on the road pronto.

To the owner of Outer Limits, we just about honked and pulled you over to buy you a drink at the sports bar near the Military Institute!  THANKS for helping my father-in-law!

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