Heaps of Unused School supplies


Got this from a relative who teaches in Las Cruces NM. It appears to be an online market for school supplies that tend to accumulate boundlessly in public school storage rooms around the world. 

Relative did not know how Cheryl, who did not disclose her last name, got her email address. Probably just by trolling the internet and doing the email equivalent of junk mailing long lists of addresses that are free and easy to procure.

I’ve been teaching for 18 years and wanted a way for all educators to be able to buy and sell their no longer needed teaching supplies, so my husband and I created Hoot of Loot. If you have some unused teaching supplies, please list them on website developed by me and my husband which is at no cost to users who wish to exhange dated school materials.

This husband wife team appears to be making money on some type of unmentioned handling/transaction fee? Their cost for this enterprise appears to be nothing more than the time they are spending.

Please forward this email to other teachers that might have used supplies to sell. Maybe even your principal or superintendent that has closets full of unused material that could make some money for your school. Can you say potential exponential growth and endless scale as upside here? Also no downside if it flops. Very intelligent way to initiate a zero cost profitable enterprise. Let’s hope Cheryl and Dad pile up some loot in their volume based entrepreneurial foray.


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  1. Much deserved applause to Cheryl and her husband for coordinating and coexisting while managing their teacher supply business. They would have been great subjects for the piece in a Money Magazine penned by Cybele Weisser and Kerri Anne Renzulli.

    The two female financial advisers wrote about Jehan Chase who had been raised to believe that the man in the marriage was the bread winner. Her husband Seth, not without some friction, overcame his own traditional expectations about money and marriage, managing to transition to being financially subordinate to his money making government attorney wife.

    1. Much more dramatic is the Alpha Women and Beta Men article by Ralph Gardner Jr. Ralph notes that women who have higher salaries than their husband realize they can dump the guy if he gives her any grief or refuses to have sex exactly when she wants it. Many men, of course, have egos that can not tolerate being financially dependent. Many psychologists and divorce lawyers observe many relationships following the same pattern. Initially, the wife starts to lose respect for her husband, then he begins to feel less in control, and then sex diminishes to where both are masturbating in separate bedrooms.

      The Walt and Barb Larimore team write on this very sensitive, sometimes marriage destroying part of our zeitgeist.

  2. Hoot of Loot has a competitor in associate pastor Bert Jimenez of prison door ministry. Underpaid teachers like the lady in Oklahoma panhandled as she earns only $35000 a year. She got a $3000 check on national TV, pretending that was not what she was shooting for.

    Bert will take checks or binders, pencils, pens, and paper and honestly distribute school supplies to teachers in need who sometimes spend out of pocket since Roswell public schools are underfunded.

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