Mechanical Security Timer


We purchased this Shop Basics mechanical timer at Big Lots for 6 dollars. The 48 slide pins that you see on the face of this rotary clock correspond to 30 minute time intervals. As you can see the 10 depressed slide pins are night time intervals that are effectively temporary on switches. The On/Off sequence of slide pins can, of course, be changed for security purposes.

Low-Tech forms of home security are often as effective and less expensive than spending around $150 per month for security packages offered by ADT, Monitronics, Securitel, Vivint, Lifeshield, FrontPoint,  Protect America, Pinnacle.

If I made the switch to a comprehensive security system that would protect my family from home invasions and theft, it would be FrontPoint. However, so far the low tech measures that we have implemented have been effective.

Inexpensive, Reliable Mechanical Timer

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  1. A buddy of mine went through an ordeal with Vivint that he would like to soon forget. They made it impossible for him to discontinue or cancel the service. Read about it……

    I had contacted Vivint customer service in September to inquire about my ending contract because I no longer had a land line at the home of service. I was told that my contract would expire in November. I told the service rep that I wanted to cancel my service at the end of my contract expiration. Customer service informed me that I had to send written notice thirty day prior to my contract ending. I did a letter on October 1, 2012 and mailed it to Vivint. When I received a bill for the month of December, I called the company and was told by a customer service rep that my contract was extended for twelve more months, because they received my letter six days past the notice date. I informed them that I had a copy of the letter I sent to them and that it was mailed on time.

    I was transferred over to the customer service manager who basically called me a liar by saying that anyone can change a date on a letter. He then tried to get me to accept an upgraded service and transfer it to my other home. I told him I wanted to speak to his supervisor in the corporate office. He gave me the owner’s name and I asked for his number. He replied that the owner did not take phone calls because that is what he was paid to do. I informed him that I was not going to be put on the hook for twelve more months. He continued to try and talk me into a fire protection system as well as an upgraded security system. I ended the phone call at that time.

  2. Jessica Palmer’s article in the RDR exposes Vivint as predatory. Vivint surreptitiously victimized a blind woman and an illiterate man into signing home security contracts that neither individual understood clearly. A mentally ill woman was relived of her contractual obligation with the home security company in Provo,Utah.
    Vivint has been in so much trouble that they had to change their name from APX Alarm security because they were sued by the state of Oregon. Lisa Davis, a Vivint employee, states Vivint is working to weed out Piranha like, high-pressure salesman from their staff.
    Steve Determan of Desert Securities in Roswell has divulged that Vivint sales staff are often pushy and prey on the elderly and infirmed , often inveigling then into long term contracts they can not afford.

    1. Vivint will NOT let you out of contract under any circumstances! We are moving to Albuquerque from Roswell and have 17 months left in 3 year contract. We are moving into rental property that already has security system and Vivint is still forcing us to pay 17 payments of around 70 dollars each! Shut the door in the face of their rude and aggressive salesman. Better yet, just don’t open the door when they come knocking!!!

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