Portable Light Towers at Soccer Tournament


Cielo Grande park in Roswell,NM used to be a good sized airport with miles of runways and a now derelict air traffic control tower. These days it functions primarily as a soccer complex and also is the venue for the high dollar Hike It Spike It flag football competition.  The park also features a high end UFO themed playground for your non-soccer playing kiddos. Portions of the park have lighting, but most of the area is not well lit enough to host a big tournament like the three on three volleyball night time event held there July 11th.

Portable light tower for soccer
Portable light tower for soccer


The light tower you see in the picture is gasoline powered with a maximum height of 25 feet. I guess the city parks and recreation department must have leased around 10 of these Allmand Brothers bad boys from Prestige Equipment Rentals and Power Systems. Can you believe these light generators are advertised to remain upright in wind speeds as high as 65 miles per hour well over 100 kilometers per hour!

Safety for the soccer players and their spectating families has to be the highest priority for any enterprise who manufactures these portable light towers. It was really cool watching the light towers telescope to their maximum height in what appeared to be hydraulic lift system.

The low elevation, high intensity lights were not too popular with the soccer moms as they spent a lot of time applying mosquito repellent to friends, family, and players. The 25 foot lights kept the blood sucking bugs closer to ground level and that much more irritating.

Businesses who rent out these light towers are really profiting in south eastern New Mexico with the upsurge in the oil and gas industry and the new construction sites.

Also if you are interested in ownership in lieu of renting, I think you can purchase the portable light towers speced out at eight kilowatts for around $12,000 in Artesia,NM.


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  1. Many thanks go out to president Matthew Shappard of the Roswell Youth Soccer Association who notes that they do not have official scorekeepers likely due to budget constraints of the RYSA.

    Shappard probably gets a lot of free advertising for his farmers insurance business making contacts with soccer moms.

  2. Madux Hobbs had a killer barbecue stand at Cielo Grande for some event. He is opening up bbq restaurant at derelict but commodious Roswell motor supply. Thanks to Miranda Howe and Trey Nesselrodt for all they have done to sustain the survival of this venerated edifice.

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