Simple Fix to Stop WordPress Comment Spammers


If you maintain a WordPress site that supports comments, it is likely you have dealt with the time consuming issue of spammers dropping in their favorite URL in to the Website text box of your comment form directly underneath the name and email text boxes.

Since very few web site admins desire to have links to porn sites or get rich quick schemes originating from the site they are paid to maintain, I would like to provide you with a quick fix to problem that will NOT slow down your page load time.

Any experienced PHP developer would probably laugh at all this, but three quarters of us who maintain WordPress sites are not PHP whizzes. So here is an easy straightforward series of steps to solve a big part of your spamming problems.

From Dashboard of your WP site: 1. Select Appearance 2. Select editor 3. Select functions.php whereby you will see all php code of the various functions your site needs. 4. After your eyes are no longer glazed over, paste in the following php code at the very bottom:

return $fields;
* added this to rip out Website(URL) text box from comment form

5. Press Update to make sure pasted coded in now part of functions.php

Some of your cached pages will still briefly give spammers a chance to post unwanted URL’s to your site, but eventually this recommended code insertion will take effect making it impossible for spammers to post website addresses unless they try to paste URL into the comment itself. That is a much easier fix using the dashboard discussion tab.



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