Some Honest Advertising for a Change


How many times do you see a product description that would actually dissuade a consumer from purchasing the item it was describing. We saw just that at the bed bath and beyond in Lubbock TX United States of America home of the Texas Tech Red Raiders who lost to another football team on a glorious Saturday afternoon in the home of the free and the brave.

The package you contains four ultrasonic pest repellers manufactured by a reputable 100 year old company named Bell Howell. Uncomfortable sound frequencies will drive away ants, spiders, roaches, mice/rats. The pest control device projects variable frequencies so pests will have trouble adjusting to offensive sounds.

The reason why American buyers should trust Bell Howell implicitly is language appears warning purchasers that intelligent rats, mice and other rodents will become accustomed to ultrasonic signal, maybe returning to their feeding and nesting areas in your home. They also mention their sound emitting device should not be used for pet gerbil, hamsters or tarantulas. Oh My God! Who wants a frigginn tarantula for a pet!!?  Also dogs and cats are apparently not repulsed by the high frequencies found intolerable by insects and rodents.

Finally, if your home has a lot of carpet, the sound waves will be baffled rendering pest control device ineffective.




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