The virtues of shingle panels


I always thought that roofing a house or installing the shingles had to be one of the most labor-intensive aspects of building any new home. I learned a little differently not too long ago.

The two story house that you see in the picture is being roofed by two young Hispanic males. The boxes that you see at the top are full of Duration Shingles, but it is not like in the old days where only single wooden shingles were manufactured and each one had to be nailed in individually. The Duration Shingle Panels appear to have dimensions of around 2 by 6 meaning that installing one shingle panel would be the same as nailing in 12 individual shingles!

The guy at the top of the roof handed the guy at that bottom a shingle panel whenever he needed it and he was using a pneumatic staple gun to secure the shingle panel. They shingled that entire side of the roof one Saturday morning in about 3 hours. In construction, time is money and these particular shingle panels where speeding the process up by around a factor of 12.

Finally, I believe the Duration Shingles are an Owens Corning product with Sure Nail Technology. Sort of an abuse of the term technology, but it must mean that nails or staples will remains secure and lasting in these particular shingles.  Also the white surface that you see the shingles being attached to is a synthetic underlayment described as follows:

Titanium UDL-30 is a premium air, water and vapor barrier for use under: Metal, Tile, Slate, Shake & Shingle roof


Shingle Panels
Shingle Panels

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  1. The Duration shingles that you mentioned are an industry leader with respect to holding up well to hail damage. In fact, they are recommended under the table by hazard insurance companies to keep your home insurance premiums down.

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