THIS is in My Wallet Samuel L. Jackson


One of the many services offered by the CapitalOne Quicksilver credit card is this free(Really!) credit score disclosure notice that you see in the picture below. CapitalOne uses Equifax and they reported a score of 790 placing me in in the 80th percentile and qualifying me for a card with an $11000 credit limit and 1.5% cash back rewards on ALL purchases.

I was ecstatic they did not use Experian who has many heavy handed and unfair practices inconveniencing many and causing others to NOT be able to move into the house of their dreams or buy that car the wife wants so dearly.

Something, that is very useful and handy, Quicksilver card holders can avail of is the function of Locking Their Card if they have lost it or anticipate fraudulent activity to transpire! ¬†One can lock their card in around two seconds without having to call customer support. Also, as mentioned, customers can check their Transunion credit score(branded as CreditWise(Overtaking FICO as most reliable indicator of one’s credit worthiness) on their smart phone app) 24/7 for free!

Finally, if you make only $500 of any type of purchase in the first three months, you earn $150 cash rewards. Yes, the usual practice of credit card companies applies here too, you have to wait a couple of billing cycles. I wish I knew why the Hell they did that!

See the bar graph below for what percentage of what people fall in the 334-818 credit score range.


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