Warning: This vacuum cleaner can make you fat


We marveled at this Roomba 780 vacuum cleaning robot (iRobot) on sale at bed bath and beyond in Lubbock,tx for 600 dollars. While we were impressed with its dirt detect and persistent pass technology , I was more alarmed/concerned with a product that will only make the obesity levels of an already extremely overweight United States population much higher.

The elderly and infirmed would certainly benefit from an automated robotic vacuum cleaner due to their limited mobility and strength.

The persistent pass feature forces the vacuum cleaner to persistently move back and forth over a spot on your floor or carpet where a lot of dirt, grime, and debris may be. The cleaner will methodically move from room to room also cleaning your baseboard with its side suction.

A German named Carsten Knobloch posted a video of a

Staubsaugerroboter Vorwerk VR100 vacuum cleaner missing what appeared to be dog food or bird poop right in the middle of his living room floor. It was right next to the mess but veered away and made passes over areas of floor that it had already cleaned.

Finally, if you are fat or your BMI is higher than 38, vacuum your home the old fashioned way with a standup wind tunnel since you need an excuse to burn calories and exercise.

Vacuum cleaner that increases obesity levels
Vacuum cleaner that increases obesity levels

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  1. This is same automatic vacuum cleaner that tore hair from a napping 52 year old South Korean woman who was fondling herself on the floor of her home and did not notice the cleaner approaching Her as she climaxed intensely.

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