Which Picture was taken with IPhone 7 Plus?


So I bought my wife, who wasn’t speaking to me for reasons completely justified, an IPhone 7 PLUS to mollify any perceived slights from her point of view. I have given up on trying to determine exactly what makes her mad at me these days and have sort of learned to do what is necessary to win her back.

Her IPhone 5 had become less responsive to the touch which is the heart of the IPhone interface. Also, Apple appears to have quit supporting older versions of IOS without really announcing it. A more accurate statement might be, they don’t really support IPhone 5 like they do later incarnations of their world changing smart phone.

The reviews on the IPhone 7 PLUS really hyped the new camera with two apertures compared to only one for the IPhone 6 owned by yours truly. So here is what I have for you today. What follows will be two stunning water reflection landscape shots taken of an identical scene taken at a migrating bird national wildlife refuge. I would like to see if the discerning viewer/reviewer can determine which pic was taken with IPhone 6 and which with the IPhone 7 PLUS.


So which of choices below is from the IPhone 7 Plus Camera? Choice A or B

Choice A: cloud reflection pond
Choice B: cloud reflection pond




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