Why you should consider a tankless Hot water heater


The picture you see is a cardboard box  that once contained a condensing tankless gas hot water heater. This 94% efficient device was installed in our new home and has performed flawlessly. The two most noteworthy features of this Rheem Product are its 0.4 GPM(Gallons per minute) activation flow rate AND the integrated condensate neutralizer system.

The idea of only heating water when you need it has been going on in Europe and other parts of the world for a long time, but many Americans have no idea heating their water without a tank is a very viable, if not better, option than heating up the water  all at once and then waiting until you need it! Only heating the water when you need it just makes a lot of sense!

The excellent activation flow rate means it does not take too much water flow in order to begin heating the water. This means it does not require a dishwasher or washing machine cycle to get hot water. Just turning on the water in your bathroom in a relatively small stream will get you hot water within 30-45 seconds.

Another maintenance saving feature is the integrated condensate neutralizer system. This built-in system prevents or minimizes the life-shortening rust and corrosion that occurs in the conventional tank hot water heaters. Condensates such as calcium and other minerals are neutralized before they have a chance to corrosively damage the heat exchanger which is the functional component that transfers the gas heat to the water.

We know that the  integrated condensate neutralizer system is working because I examined the heat exchanger and it looks like it is still fresh out of the box! So it is no surprise that Rheem is willing to guarantee the heat exchanger for 12 years!

Tankless Hot Water heater facts

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  1. There is a break even point on the tankless hot water heater. They do generally cost more upfront, but you use less gas energy over time to where these savings offset the initial cost

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