CTR can be a measure of a blogger’s Honesty


The screen shot you see below gives some indications of what a “healthy CTR” for Adsense is. What does CTR mean? CTR stands for Click Through Rate. As you can see from the screen shot, out of 646 Pages views from this writer’s blog there were 6 Clicks where the reader was actually interested in an Ad that Adsense served. So 6 Clicks divided by 646 Page views came out to be a little under a percentage or rate of 1. The actual CTR was 0.93% which produced earnings of $5.15.

Understand that a high CTR could mean you are artificially elevating your clicks. It could also mean that you are a badass at writing articles that attract folks who really want to know something, BUT if it is too high(Google has reams of data on what constitutes average to good CTR) you will be excised from the most lucrative Pay Per Click entity in the world for monetizing your blog content.

You may think this particular CTR is very low and it may well be compared to other Adsense Bloggers. However as mentioned, if your CTR is too high it might be a significant indicator to Google that you are cheating. Sending your URL’s(Posts) to friends via email and asking them to click on the ads may seem clever to you, but Google will catch you and suspend your account with no payout even if you happen to be near the $100 threshold. Realize that Google can easily tell if somebody got to your website via an email or by just typing it into browser. Read the work of HubPage Icon shibashake for more on what constitutes unacceptable usage of your adsense account.


You only make money with Adsense  if you are honest and ensure that all clicks are organic, meaning somebody out there was truly interested in fixing their water softener without having to pay a repairman OR were trying to determine how to improve their FICO credit score quickly. OR wanted to know if somebody else hated a particular government policy.

If you are having your friends and relatives click on ads without an interest in purchasing the goods or services that the advertisement represents, then Google will notice the pattern of clicks is not random and terminate your account ending the possibility of a much needed passive income stream.

Random is hard to define, but is recognizable with their GeoLocation software algorithms which makes it impossible to fool them over the long run! Play fair and Google will pay you. Don’t cheat and you will earn some extra change while you are sleeping.

Calculating Adsense CTR or Click Through Rate
Calculating Adsense CTR or Click Through Rate

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  1. Do you know if Lisa Irby had her adsense account suspended or terminated for publishing a copy of her adsense paycheck. I believe she posted a paycheck issued by Google of over $7000 accumulated over a single week.

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