$345,000 of Roswell Salary lost to Outsiders


Rant  How did former Keller,TX city manager Steve Polasek pull this off?! Seems like Keith Bell is the only person in Roswell who notices this type of travesty. Roswell now has a city manager, director of administrative services, and a public relations director ALL from Keller,Texas.

To add injury to insult, Phillips(admin director) and Beseda(P.R. Director) are either married or engaged(Note the couple holding hands and lovebird hearts in Keith’s cartoon). I assume the city counsel and mayor were the entities that approved the employment of Polasek. There are multiple qualified Roswell citizens for all three positions. I can understand how Polasek, perhaps a neutral outside influence on how our city is run, could have been initially chosen. HOWEVER, the powers that be should have never let this Keller infestation occur.

One can not blame the three individuals for collecting 156K, 100K, and 89K salaries respectively. Who wouldn’t? However, we can fault city leadership for letting it happen to begin with. I believe Keith would agree with this.

It is not like there is a paucity of local qualified applicants for these positions. The dean of liberal arts at ENMU(Her administrative assistant Sherry Durand would have made one helluva PR director and probably worked for much less than the 89K Beseda got from Roswell tax payers) applied for the public relations director position. She had experience in the private sector as well as academia. What gives?!  Roswell leadership

BTW, history buffs will appreciate the carpetbagger reference in the cartoon. A carpetbagger was a Northerner who moved  South after the  Civil War during the Reconstruction era  to benefit/profit from the lack of leadership that existed in the south during that period. PERFECT ANALOGY Mr. Bell!

Keller Invasion of Roswell,NM
Keller Invasion of Roswell,NM

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  1. You mentioned this in your article, but I still think you are being too harsh on the folks from Keller who “stole high paying jobs from Roswell citizens”. Everybody looks out for themselves FIRST!

    I don’t know what you do for a living but I bet you would skidaddle the hell out of here if you got offered 90K in Keller!!

    Don’t forget the Roswell labor pool is full of lowlife, indolent alcoholic meth heads who can’t even pass background checks to work fast food.

    1. Sandy, I may have gone little too far in my criticisms. One person not from Roswell raises no suspicions, but all THREE. Do you not find that a little out of wack smacking of cronyism? Your comment intimates you are from Roswell. Perhaps a friend or family member was qualified for one of the three positions?

    2. Does anybody know if Jetta Miles Roswell human resource director is from Keller,TX? That would connect some of the dots. I Wonder if they have police shortage there also?

  2. City Council member Juan Oropesa could probably answer as to why three people from Texas have high paying jobs courtesy of property tax paying home owners. The 64 year old retired state employee was instrumental in pushing through Wool Bowl and splash pad……..just ask him😄 Joe Ponce is another man in the know if you could bend his ear.

    1. Juan Oropesa attempted to criticize the mayor using his executive power to rearrange chairs and city council committees. Juan’s level of intelligence could only produce the line appointments ‘seem funny’. And people wonder why apathy and voter turnout is so low in Roswell NM. So Juan, by funny do you mean Mayor made appointment to further his own ideology or was it rip a seam funny?! Please have guts to make it worth my time to read liberal attacks on conservative viewpoints. Liberal newspapers and Conservative Mayors are so fun.

      1. Roswell resident Alfred Hendrix defines clear thinking as anyone who concurs with his views or those of Oropesa’s. Is he from Burkburnett Texas? He vaguely mentioned something about $600,000 signage that has not been installed in his letter to editor?!?

  3. You can reach Director of Public Affairs DeAnna Phillips at phone number (575) 637-6203 if you are upset about roads being impassable after snow fall in Roswell. She had at least 3 days prior to winter storm hitting the city to schedule removal of the Goliath dropped snow which has stranded and immobilized our community. She could only make the excuse to Chris Ramirez of KOB that Roswell is not accustomed to this type of weather! It’s about time DeAnna started earning her keep of $89000 per year

    1. Margaret R. Barbour intimated that Mayor Kintigh dropped the ball by not having our streets cleared. She said Tom Jennings had streets cleared promptly in 1997 “100 year event”. Just call Phillips at above number Mrs Barbour and ask her why she sat on her ass when she had plenty of advanced warning. We all know that Roswell does not have that kind of equipment which was excuse she made to investigative reporter Chris Ramiriz. For a salary of 89 K, she should have got off her ass and set things up with the state rather than wait 5 friggin days. If we had given a Roswell citizen that high paying job, who knows about our town it would have been handled right!

    2. Harold Pleasant a 1983 grad of Roswell High School was very polite in TV interview about the weak response to Crippling blizzard. Kintigh never acknowledged fault or blame for life threatening inattention by high paid city employees paid by property tax where many tax payer homes were entombed.

    3. Nancy Wigley misses the point with respect to criticism of Roswell city officials over poorly managed snow removal effort. What she calls complaints are are justified criticisms of high paid city admins that can not be remedied by cooperative neighbors.

    4. I wonder if Ed and Kathy Cook(High end photographers par excellence specializing in Weddings, Baby shower, and other poignant events. Sensual private photo shoots for mature swinging couples) have that phone number? Kathy wrote letter to editor of RDR criticizing Kintigh for NOT making changes to Roswell’s emergency blizzard protocol comparing conditions to former residences in New York, Mississippi, Tennessee and southern Indiana. She noted terminally ill people under hospice care were without support for way too long after blizzard. Her criticism of over priced garbage collection service here included hooking up snow plows to garbage trucks. Why didn’t Kintigh and Phillips think of that?

    5. Jill, what in the hell is your beef with DeAnna. Did you lose a lot of piano recital competitions to her in Keller or did the guys go after her more than you? Phillips spent a lot of time coordinating and paying Big Truck Roswell citizens to dig Roswell out of the blinding fury of Blizzard Goliath. Check your facts about her record and what she did before you are so quick to criticize.

      1. Rich girl Dairy Carrie penned “Blizzards and Bullshit” detailing trauma wrought on Dairy industry.

        How do farmers deal with manure? We get our poop in a group!

        Our dairy cows consume 120 pounds of feed every day. What goes up must come down and what goes in must come out. Manure that is, fertilizer, brown gold, soil elixir.

        Whatever you want to call what comes out of the hind end of a dairy cow, as dairy farmers we deal with it everyday.(It is called shit) Manure happens. A few weeks ago on the farm we had the perfect opportunity for me to share with you guys how we deal with manure, but I was out of town. Thankfully Hubby grabbed the camera and took many pics, knowing that I would want pictures of tons of cow crap so I could post them on the world wide web. I am not sure what that says about me or our relationship but dont you think these crappy photos are a sign of true love.

  4. I am a former long-time Roswell Resident now living in the area where CM Polasek is from. Not Keller, but close. I am also in Public Administration and know the ends and outs of what went on here. First, the mayor and city council hired Polasek presumably for his qualifications. According to the city charter, that is it. The City Manager then decides who he will hire to help him administer the city in day-to day operations. With that in mind, a city manager will hire those s/he knows and trusts. It is not cronyism but rather a network within the filed of Public Administration. The amount may seem high, but its not comparable to those in the private sector. Still, cities are trying to come close to lure the best and brightest to Public Administration, otherwise you will be stuck with those who have no idea how to run a city. FYI–It is a thankless job, just look at your comments above.

    1. Andrew,

      Do you know why Keller resident Jonathan Phillips is being represented by a Roswell attorney? Have not seen Jon in awhile, but surely DFW has better lawyers than that small town?

    2. Dear Andrew,

      Did you read in the Roswell Daily Record there will be a hiring freeze due to a 7% shortfall in gross receipt taxes? Your buddy Polasek is implementing 2-3% austerity measures in all departments except his it appears. Three percent of Steve’s $150,000 salary is $4,500, enough to pay around a year’s worth of rent for many poor Roswell citizens. Cut 3% from the salaries of the other two close friend’s salaries he brought over from Keller, Texas. I am sure all three of them live in half million dollar homes with a lot of rooms. Maybe they could provide food and lodging for some of the people they have to lay off if they are not will to take pay cuts?

      1. “Deanna Phillips & Jonathan Phillips has shared their baby registry with citizens of Keller,TX! See what Deanna needs from their wish list.”

        So the average income of Roswell,NM residents(entire family) is around $32,000. The Phillips family pulls in a combined salary of $189K if the Keith Bell cartoon is accurate! AND they have the nerve to ask for baby gifts at The Bump hosted by target stores. What a crude name for a baby registry!?

    3. Polasek Stepped down from his $163,000 position as city manager citing he wanted to be closer to his family in Keller Texas. Since he could have accomplished this by never moving here, Jeff Tucker’s article did not mention the real reason Stevie boy got off his horse. Roswell is tough place for newcomers. Often, when a couple moves here, the man has a good job, but the wife just does not fit in.

      1. Dude! You are like missing what really happened here. Steve Polasek made good decisions and had integrity. Remember when mayor forced RMAC director M. Hall to quit even though he was doing good job? Same shit her BRO! Many folks pissed and bummed because of decision to close Cahoon park pool and Polasek does not want to deal with it this summer or next summer. Kintigh looking for interim city manager who will side with him on controversial issue. Steve may be the fall guy in this mess.

  5. Yo, your boy Polasek resigned as city manager. The guy he brought in Jonathan Phillips replaced him at $135,000 a year salary . If they just leave Phillips position open that will save the city some money. Looks like a the real boss will be a female. Article says John Capps managed city from 1977 to 2011. That is 34 years. Wow!

  6. As a longtime resident and homeowner I can tell you that we all had great confidence and optimism for the things Mayor Knight proposed. As time went on however he proved a great disappointment to me and many of my friends. I have three friends and associates who work for the City of Roswell and I know for a fact that from the start of the administration of the Mayor’s new City Manager and his Assistant that a very heavy-handed style of administration followed. An immediate air of unprofessional conduct and disrespect toward long established city employees ensued. An administrative style followed that lead by fear and intimidation, not respect. Suddenly changes were made everywhere without careful thought to the costs of proposed projects. Obviously the city’s infrastructure had been allowed to deteriorate and technology allowed to fall behind for many years but approaching the problem required more long-range thought and better planning. Too much money was spent too quickly and little input or consensus was sought by the Mayor or City Manager from the many talented people that they already had working for them. A number of highly qualified City employees provided professional opinions and were subsequently made scapegoats. It strikes me as somewhat ironic this has been the fate of the City Manager himself.

    1. I appreciate your inside comments. Heavy-Handed is far too polite in my view. “Mayor Knight” forced out a very principled Museum Director for standing up to coercion and attempts by our FBI agent leader to expropriate museum pieces that donors gave on the condition said art work remain museum property for perpetuity. The Mayor apparently sicked Luke Ragsdale on the gentleman’s wife who had posted the truth on FaceBook regarding the injustice of his dismissal! What is your view on the closing of Cahoon Pool in a Gestapo almost despotic fashion? Apologies for the leading question 🙂 Also, second hand I am aware of the efforts of Lorie Mitteer and Olga McGuire with respect to initiatives on our city’s RMAC strategic planning. I gather their point of view lines up pretty much with yours. They and others saw how Michael Hall was squeezed for having the character, gumption, and principles to stand up to our bully major.

      1. The former museum director’s wife Teresa set the record straight, in her letter to editor,about how her husband Michael Hall was forced to resign and forced to sign a letter of resignation by the “city of Roswell”. She tactfully did not say “city of Roswell” is effectively Dennis Kintigh. Joyce Tucker and Claudia Gonzalez were also coerced into quitting! She stated Michael had never had any problem getting along with his colleagues in his impressive career outside of his run in with our irascible Mayor. First syllable Im, Second syllable peach.
        You watch, if new director Caroline Brooks is not willing to give up museum property to one of mayors rich friends, he will fire her ass too!

      2. Teresa Hall wrote letter to editor stating she was threatened with a lawsuit for posting her opinion of how her husband Michael was forced out of the position he loved as director of Museum. She did not confirm it was Luke Ragsdale who threatened her, but article in RDR archives confirms it was Doug Jones Witt’s partner.

        Michael Hall was being pressured to give up the museum’s most prize piece, a million-dollar plus painting by Georgia O’Keeffe, titled “Ram’s Skull with Brown Leaves.” Jonathan Phillips, who was rumored to have been forced to quit by Mayor, was ragsdale’s client.

        1. Read where Laurie rufe is still the interim director at Roswell museum and art center after Michael Hall’s illegal ouster. Kintigh has a little puppet whose strings he can pull as opposed to somebody with backbone who will stand up to him. Let’s hope Jeremy Howe will manage 100K planetarium donation well.

    2. More evidence of your insightful comments of the despotic and tyrannical ways of Mayor Dennis Kintigh. The trio from Keller, Texas mentioned in this article have had enough of his aggressive and unyielding manner of conducting city business. Three highly qualified professionals have quit high paying jobs because this mayor dude is out of control yelling at Cahoon Pool advocates in his ARREST FBI Voice. Can he be removed via a vote of no confidence? What are the steps in ousting him prior to the end of his term?

      1. You need to lighten up on Mayor Kintigh. He only has the best interests of the city in his heart DUDE! Shout out to Sergio Gonzalez of Roswell for his big heart saying he would pay everybody’s property tax if he won the lottery. Also in his letter to editor, he recommends using the public pool, that was prematurely shut down, for a skateboard arena kinda like the one at Cielo Grande. I love you Sergio for thinking about the needs of the city, but there is a lotta scum here who would sue the city the minute one of their gangster punk kids fell and broke their arm or some other serious injury.

      2. Look there is not as many Cahoon pool reopening advocates as you appear to believe. The RDR editorial titled citizens and city need to step up criticizes citizens for not being more vocal and organized in filling the pool with water. Murphy family sure does not support it and they appear to own Kintigh so Cahoon park pool is rotting in its grave as it should be.

  7. It is clear to me Phil Pantuso either wholeheartedly agrees with article or wrote this article himself. His letter to editor of RDR is highly critical of how the city could have wasted so much money searching for and hiring the trio from Keller Texas only to see them abandon their positions in less than 2 years! Keith Bell was all over it the moment it happened and look what became of him. Pantuso is clueless comparing former military heights elementary principal Mike Gottlieb with Polasek. Superintendent and City Manager are worlds apart Phil.

    I, for one, do not fault the three from Texas for getting the hell out of Dodge. The city has seen many well intentioned couples move here where the wife is not really accepted and almost ostracized. Not a town for outsiders.

  8. When is the Roswell city council going to pull its head out of its ass? More money is flowing to Keller,TX after 3 excessively paid Keller residents came, saw, and got the hell out of here. City Council voted 7-3 to pay Strategic Government Resources $107 per HOUR to manage our city while searching for somebody who can get along with Dennis Kintigh. Thanks to the three dissenters Mackey, Oropesa, and Henderson for seeing through the bullshit.

  9. Does it not seem a little odd that there is this ongoing connection with Keller, Texas. As someone who grew up here and is soon to retire to Roswell, I can tell you that there are people of great ability in our City and people of noted ability in the State of New Mexico. What is first needed however is a long range master plan for addressing the many issues that Roswell faces. A master plan that is arrived at after careful reflection and consensus on the part of the City Council as a whole. Knee jerk spending and eccentric adventurism simply has to stop. The Mayor previously put in place two hatchet-men from Keller, Texas and I do not know if they fell out of favor with him or vice versa but Roswell deserves better. It is disconcerting because many fine people and programs were destroyed by the Mayor’s associates from Keller, Texas. People of great ability that wanted to make a professional commitment to Roswell were discouraged and eventually outcast while wasteful spending occurred with no clear long-range plan. Certainly not a plan arrived at by consensus. I personally had great respect for Mayor Kintigh at one point and many of my friends and family did as well. He had been a mentor but has since provided me with a harsh reality check on life. I wish for the return of a professional and respectful class of men and women to lead Roswell into the future. Someone who leads by respect and consensus is far more powerful than someone who tries to lead by fear and intimidation.

    1. I hope I speak for Will Cavin, Nancy Wade, Paul Pacheco, Babette Saenz , Luke Haskell ,Lisette Richter,Joseph Pleska,Jeanne Crowe Lynch,Jeannie Depoyster, Tracy Metcalf, Barbara Murphey, Loretta Brethen of Grand Junction Colorado and many other hard core GOP member, when I declare that Trump does not have a snow ball’s chance in hell to win New Mexico. The liberal idiots in Albuquerque and Santa Fe will give all our electoral votes to Clinton Machiavellian Political Machine

      1. Hi Craig,

        Proletarier aller Länder vereinigt Euch! I am sure you are fluent in German based on the depth of research you put into your letters to the editor.

        Why didn’t you make your mark in the world as an entrepreneur. Instead you whine on about enforcing $15 per hour minimum wage. You attack venerable democrat Mr Kopp.

        Lazy people of the world unite was not the intention of Das Kapital or Mr Marx

      1. Ralph Brown, president of spring River men’s golf association, presents strong arguments for NOT outsourcing maintenance of golf course to third party that is ONLY profit motivated. Seniors golfing their have dropped off since green fees got jacked up. They charge you extra for cart even if your husband wants to ride around with you even if he is not playing! That’s screwed up. Guess they are hard up for revenue like Ralph said even with the proceeds from property tax.

  10. Has no one asked the question why all the people hired from Keller, Texas resigned within a month of one another along with the City attorney? I highly doubt the explanation that they all suddenly wanted to be closer to family in their home towns. There is some serious reason those people, who are professionals, wanted to distance themselves from the City of Roswell. I believe there was mismanagement of financial funds that were somehow associated with one of the City Departments. I am pretty sure this recent controversy with the Parks Department and Zoo and Golf Courses is an indicator of some sort. I do not know the details but a full financial audit of the City of Roswell should be called for because I believe that is the reason behind so many people wanting to extricate themselves form their well-paid positions with the City of Roswell.

    1. As much criticism as city has withstood, Martie zelt was grateful for quick reacting city workers for assistance in flooding of 13th street due to ruptured pipe.

  11. Arville Sullins is a day late and a dollar short with criticisms of the Keller Texas transplants who were doomed from the start. The are long gone Arville! Tell us something we don’t know dick Tracy. You act like u are uncovering some kind of news flash on James hogan. Larry fry was helluva city manager.

    1. Arville Sullins is living proof RDR does no fact checking on their letters to editor. Interim city manager James R Hogan who has filled in for the three who hightailed it back to Keller Texas stated that Sullins was mistaken about severance pay distributed to short lived Keller contingent. Keith Bell was right about that crap from the beginning!

      1. I wanted to beat the Arville Sullins letter to editor that will denounce Mayor Kintigh for hiring Paula Hertwig-Hopkins as city manager. His beef will be why are we hiring somebody else from Keller Texas when the first three flopped!! Does our mayor have friends that work for strategic government resources which is personnel business near Fort Worth? Hopkins was campus police officer which certainly prepares her to battle the severe problems Roswell has with meth addiction. Right?!??

  12. I guess we should be comforted by savino Sanchez junior when he states the city continues to function properly after Paula Hertwig-Hopkins resigned as city manager. James Rod Hogan also stepped down after brief period of service.

    Let’s just let the “real city manager” continue to do his job if we are “functioning properly” and save ourselves 150 thousand dollars.

  13. What does Spearfish South Dakota city administrator Joe Neeb have going for him? HE is NOT from Keller Texas!!

    The Kintigh nominee might have to shovel snow. Have you already forgotten Winter storm Goliath where city did not have equipment to uncover the city from many feet of blizzard snow? Natasha will shut this thing down before Neeb steps off the plane.

    Neeb will have to make it through the Keith Bell vetting process.

    1. Salute to mayor Dennis for hiring A guy who does not have any friendship ties or “history” with any of the 600 city employees he will be bossing around. Neeb, a self proclaimed listener, won’t cave to brown nosers and ass suckers. Natasha Mackey did not attend city council meeting that voted in our new city msnager.

      Mark Brooks, who is the union leader who represents the interests of our 171 utility workers, could not contain his enthusiasm over our 7th city manager in less than a year.

      Let’s give an unbridled yell of approval for our Indiana Wesleyan university MBA leader!!!

      1. Jim Manatt and Natasha are not best friends. Let’s leave it at that. I heard Jim influenced Kintigh to reopen Cahoon Pool. The founder and CEO of Thrust Energy, Inc. has the best interests of Roswell tucked under his pillow. Trust him and his blessed soul.

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