A letter from Maria Dolores Adelina Lujan of OneMain Financial


We got a letter from our old friend Maria Dolores Adelina Lujan of OneMain Financial, formerly known as CitiFinancial. At least you would think she is our old friend as frequently as she corresponds with us. Maria Dolores Adelina Lujan mailed us an Express Loan Certificate valued at $6000. The “certificate” looks a lot like a check which  is consistent with the deception practiced by predatory lenders and loan sharks.

Maria Dolores Adelina Lujan is the branch manager of OneMain Financial in Roswell, New Mexico. Her strongly suggestive Hispanic name makes one wonder in a town dominated by a Hispanic demographic.  Maybe her name would be Martha Cook in a town full of white people.

OK, back to what a bad idea it is to borrow money from OneMain Financial. To borrow from them, one has to prove a minimum income of $20,000 and have no bankruptcy filings. If approved for a loan by noon, you can get the money that day. One Main Financial recommends that you should borrow from them so you can pay off credit cards because One Main Financial claims their interest rates are lower than your credit card interest rate. Use the loan for car repairs, doctors bills, or fix up your home with money that you borrow from One Main Financial.

Conspicuously absent from the One Main Financial Express Loan Certificate is any mention of interest rates. There is a reason for this. They do not want you to know. BE CAREFUL. Do not sign the loan agreement until you are crystal clear on how much the interest rate is.

You are probably better off calling your credit card company and telling them you will not be able to pay down the outstanding balance. In many cases they will let you pay 50 cents or less on the dollar to settle your debt. Borrowing money from One Main Financial to pay down your credit card debt is probably not a good idea and could lead to a significant lowering of your credit score! A low credit score will drive up your monthly home mortgage payments if you choose to finance a home.

Finally the more financial institutions that have all your personal information, the more likely it is you will become an identity theft victim. Also be cautious about letting any lender lien on your home and be prepared to do without rather than jeopardizing your ability to pay your home mortgage.


Letter from Maria Dolores Adelina Lujan, OneMain Financial
Letter from Maria Dolores Adelina Lujan, OneMain Financial

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  1. Does one main financial approve bad credit? A lot of folks are interested in the answer to this question these days?

    Sure One Main Financial will give you a loan if you have bad credit. They love people like you with horribly bad credit! That way they can charge you out the tush with a super high interest rate.

    Look at it like this people. One Main Financial is the predator and you are the prey. If you enjoy being eaten alive with interest payments that you can never afford to pay back, then knock yourself out. Make One Main Financial and Maria Delores Adelina Lujan even richer.

    1. A little more information on Maria Dolores Adelina Lujan . She was born in 1980. Maria currently resides in Roswell, New Mexico. Before that, Maria lived in Alamosa, CO. That makes her a 33 year old woman who still has chance to get her life straight and stop ripping off hard working honest people who have fallen upon hard times.

  2. Maria Dolores Adelina Lujan may not be the branch manager at OneMain Financial in Roswell anymore. I don’t blame her. That has to be a stressful job and eventually working a job like that has to weigh on your conscious. A friend who works at Rib Crib said she used to come in there all depressed because of all the honest people that were being deceived by OneMain Financial near the Roswell Mall.

    We still get junk mail from them all the time trying to set us up for a loan that we wont be able to pay back without screwing with our credit score!

  3. I am reading these posts and I am blown away with them all. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, so I have some insight to this subject. First off, Ashley Amanda Williams One Main Financial is a subprime lender, which means these people have screwed up their credit, before even being approach by OneMain Financial. Or people, as Ashley says with horribly bad credit, her words not mine. Next there are lending requirements to meet before you get approved for the loan, so you do have to qualify beforehand, all of which being over looked by the government. Everything is disclosed before any and everyone walks out of closing, but I guess” I didn’t know” works for people when they complain, ignorance is bless.

    After signing a contract saying you will pay X amount of dollars for X amount of payments you walk out HAPPY as can be with the check in your hand. OneMain Financial just gave you a second chance to build your credit when you screwed it up the first time and gave you money for whatever you needed for. OneMain Financial fulfilled their end of the signed agreement. All you have to do now is fulfill your end by paying the X amount of dollars for the X amount of payments YOU agreed and signed saying you will.

    Billy Gonzales, based on past experience most people take full advance of the second chance to build their credit and are greatly applicative of the money they received and the opportunity they were given. Wilfredo Gomez, there is a percentage of the client base that does not fulfill their end of the agreement and complain posting false statements claiming the branch manager is ripping off hard working honest people. Honest people who have lied many time in their past Mr. Gomez, when you say you will pay someone back and don’t that’s a LIE. This is a fact because that is how you get Bad Credit is because you lied to someone at one point saying you will be paying them back and you didn’t.

    Billy Gonzales, I am not a branch manager but I bet it is a stressful job giving people money who have screwed other people over in their past and trusting them. Then when the percentage of them don’t pay trying to get your money back I bet is real stressful, I bet if you loaned someone 2-3 thousand dollars you would be stressed about getting it back. Wilfredo Gomez, for those people who have fallen upon hard times OneMain Financial and their Branch managers were there to give that much needed money during that time, I know because I used that money for my Grand Fathers funeral, not because I have bad credit but I was able to get money same day. I have paid off my account with them and I will be forever grateful for the help of Maria Delores Adelina Lujan during my hard time.

    Live inside your means people and stop blaming others for your mistakes, take ownership.

    1. Chris,
      First of all having a bachelor’s degree does not come close to making you a qualified financial commentator/consultant. You probably got your degree online.

      Pay Day loan places exploit people who have already made some horrible financial choices. We also got unsolicited letters from Maria Lujan. It would be different if we chose OneMain Financial, but One Main bombards people with solicitations via snail mail NOT because they care about helping the person out of difficult financial situations, BUT because they can charge outrageously high interest rates and stand to profit from others misfortunes.

      I am guessing you must also be a payday loan shark based on your distorted perspective about “helping people” out of their financial predicaments. Maybe you are Maria Lujan or a friend of hers. One of these days you will wake up and realize you have been lying to yourself for too long and transfer to a more respectable profession.

      1. Wilfredo,
        Just to let you know I received my BBA from accreted University in New Mexico and my Masters in secondary education also from a NM University as well. I would like to thank you for bashing people who are trying to better their lives by receiving a degree online, classy move Wilfredo. To educate you just a little, payday loans are totally different from a subprime lender. Do your research. One main financial may send out mass solicitation but they are a business and that’s what businesses do, try to get more business.

        Don’t forget that everyone of the people with an account has received money, so don’t play the victim just yet.

        I would consider Maria to be my friend because she did help me out when I needed it. So bagging on her for doing her job is a low blow.

        FYI- I am a Teacher in North Dakota now for 9 years.
        Have a good day

        1. My apologies Chris, but you are probably one of the very few who used them the way they are supposed to be used. Many folks who borrow from onemain are already in a deep financial hole and onemain should not even consider it financially prudent to extend a loan to individuals in such exigent conditions due to the fact that it is highly unlikely said individual can repay principal much less the exorbitant interest accumulated.

    2. Chris,
      Not to be insensitive to your grandfather’s passing, but onemain exists for people who desperately need money for funeral expenses, medical expenses, home repair, etc. They know they have you bent over the table AND they ream you out hard with unfairly high interest rates and hidden insurance……just saying

      1. Sandra L. Schaefer wrote a letter to editor of Roswell Daily Record asking the public to contribute to the funeral expenses of Vietnam veteran Karol Aden Lovell. Sandra is the CEO(sounds like somebody with some money!) of Veterans Outreach Emergency Services. Gosh, when did $6500 in funeral expenses qualify as an EMERGENCY? Lovell has been laying in state since October 31st Karol mentions as an apparent ploy to tug at the heart strings of the people who believe in God. Advice: Cremate our esteemed veteran before putrification commences. It is less expensive and you can put ashes in an inexpensive urn which loved ones can place on the fireplace mantle.

        1. Sandra did not mention:Aden Karol Lovell, 67, of the 200 block of West Alameda Street was arrested in the 600 block of West Walnut Street and charged with possession of drug paraphernalia. An investigation revealed Lovell was in possession of a glass smoking device. Was that the disease Schaefer stated Lovell suffered from? Aw, go ahead in donate your hard earned money for the costly funeral of a drug addict. Makes sense to me.

        2. Gracious thanks to BRAVE an acronym for Bringing Remembrance to All Veterans Everywhere. They donated over 2K to American Legion. NMMI military science professor handed over the cash.

  4. This place is horrible! I was late on my payment 15 days and the manager Maria came to my house asking for the payment. Very unprofessional banging on my door and leaving a buisness card in my door a day before that! Paid it off and never again will go back. As to Derek I Heard branches are closing and there has been some already recently.

    1. I was reading a consumer alert that said some onemain financials are NOT updating your balance even after you pay them! If that is true, then onemain employees are pocketing your payment and not subtracting off from what you owe them.

      I have not heard if that is happening in Roswell, but it has been reported in Traverse city Michigan and Wichita Kansas.

  5. Admin, The interest rate was disclosed but the insurances were not! I did not know they were a option till I received a phone call from there customer service department. The Manager (Maria) told me 4 insurances were included in the loan payment and was already in the loan. When customer service called me they asked me a series of questions including my knowledge of these insurances. I had them removed. This goes to show the shadyness of Maria and OneMain Financial.

    1. Tanya, was the insurance that Maria Dolores Adelina Lujan did not disclose to you to pay off onemain in the event you default on the loan?
      Homeowners have to pay pmi insurance to cover their mortgage in case they can not make monthly payments, but that is fully disclosed and above board.

  6. No it was not! It was for if I got sick or lost my job or died. It wasnt disclosed fo me as a option for me to take. Maria tokd me it was included in the loan along with direct deductions i did not want to do but she told me i had to do it to get the loan. When i last spoke to customer service they said all of that was a option and that they would look into her tactics. My account is paid off and i will never go back. Period!

    1. Maria Dolores Adelina Lujan is probably not the only OneMain branch manager that does not fully disclose loan conditions. Thanks for writing about your issues with onemain. You are helping others to not become ensnared in their web of deception.

      1. Chris Lucero puts it best when he says “One Main Financial is a subprime lender, which means these people have screwed up their credit, before even being approach by OneMain”

        So by definition, branch managers like Maria Dolores Adelina Lujan will only contact you if you have screwed up your credit and really should not be borrowing any more dinero!! Sounds like predation 101 to me.

  7. I heard they promoted her to a district manager being there were no other candidates. Sad to see no one would apply for this low life position and more they would settle for someone as dishonest as Maria lujan whatever! This ladies name along with the company Onemain financial has been thrown around Roswell a lot lately in a negative way! I thought about taking out a small christmas loan from them but went through my bank instead. Glad i did because I hear they rip people off. A friend overheard the employees there bad mouthing her behind her back when she wasn’t there which is a reflection of her management skills. STAY AWAY FROM THIS DISHONEST PERSON NAMED MARIA AND FAILING COMPANY NAMED ONEMAIN LOL WHAT A NAME!

    1. Fred, not sure why you dislike her so much. Maria and OneMain helped me with my loan modification. We got a much lower home mortgage rate which knocked our monthly payments down by a little over 100 dollars. I bet you have had many financial problems none of which are Lujan’s fault.

  8. Can some one help me and tell me what can i do if some workers here on onemain financial on not helpfull and dont want too inform us about a problem i would like to talk to someone to get help i live in clovis nm and i want to speak with a supervisor and they dont want to give me a number and if someone can help me with a person that speaks spanish for my husband thank you

    1. Blanca,

      I don’t know you at all with regard to your financial situation, but do NOT borrow from onemain financial. Your financial predicament will only get WORSE. You will be up to your ears just paying off the unfair interest rates they charge. They will call your work, your child’s day care, your boss to suck every last drop of blood out of you they can! Drop them like a heavy anvil!!!

      If you do not believe me, read how they kept withdrawing even after the sudden death of this woman’s husband.

      After my husbands death they kept taking payments from my account.
      I notified one main and proved my beloved had left this world by submitting death certificate to them Three times! Phone Rep(branch manager) stated it was too late to stop the auto pay but would refund my money from my account with a check and close my deceased husband’s account. In the great state of Oregon widow is not responsible for debt of husband and I did not co-sign the loan. When I didn’t get the refund check I called them and they said it was coming even though they took another payment from my account. The manager said he had never talked to me and the blood sucking vampires keep stealing my money!!

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