A sign of Economic Recovery: Tent City


Dedicating an entire blog to the analysis of the output of cartoonist Keith Bell would be an admirable life calling. I think Keith would not disagree with his being labeled as ultraconservative or far right.

His latest gem pokes fun at the fact that many liberals feel like we are in the midst of an economic recovery. The setting for the cartoon is a couple of guys checking out one of the many tent cities in Albuquerque New Mexico. One of the guys, a distinguished looking professorial gentleman, indicates the conspicuous homelessness and indigence is a sign of economic recovery.

Keith is likely criticizing ┬áthe out of touch liberal tripe spewed by many UNM professors. And if he ain’t, then I am even though Keith labeled me as a snarling liberal which is fairly accurate in some circumstances.


Tent City--incontrovertible proof of economic recovery in Albuquerque,nm
Tent City–incontrovertible proof of economic recovery in Albuquerque,nm



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  1. Dr. Gabriel Sanchez is a Professor of Political Science at the University of New Mexico. However, viewers of KRQE news might have confused him with a psychoanalyst as he accused Mayor Berry of supercharging his legacy with all the groundbreaking initiatives just before his term expires.

    I took a course from Gabe, another academician who tries too hard to bond with his students. Dude, we are just trying to get the grade from you so we can get job in REAL world.? The mayor has to solve practical problems. Your career does not have the stress nor require the skill set needed to be a mayor.

  2. Joel wood who is president of homeless coalition in Roswell NM wants to build a tent city near Cattle Barons restaurant. That’s what editor Jeff Tucker said. Peggie Robertson lets beggars live in her back yard. Jeneva Weathers and Laura Martinez and Brandon Herbet have seen bums sleeping in porta potties.

    Way to go trey nesselrodt KNOWS it will be like attracting more stray cats by feeding the lazy slobs!!!!!

    1. What do you expect? Nesselrodt Heating & Air Conditioning is just down the street on Virginia. He is pissed off is will screw up his business with a bunch of lowlife, ambitionless, filthy beggars all over the place. Keep them under Berrendo Bridge!!

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