Addiction More of Character Flaw than a Disease


High profit medical and addiction treatment should make every American nervous and apprehensive about the intentions of doctors and rehabilitation specialists. The Addiction Network advertisement you see below with the method actor wearing a stethoscope  should elevate the fear of for profit medical care even futher.

Their advertising slogan is Addiction is a Disease Not a Weakness. This is an outright falsehood as it is well known that characterless people often booze it up because they are too weak to face life headon.  They also state that it is an urgent national healthcare alert. Again, sensationalism designed to improve their bottom line.

They know that struggling, irresponsible alcoholics who prefer blaming their weakness on anything but their character flaws, are more likely to sign on the dotted line with The Addiction Network as this for profit business “corroborates” they are suffering from a disease which is not their fault. Watch The Lost Weekend for an exemplary Hollywood Portrayal of an alcoholic playing the blame game like a maestro!



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  1. Brenden Wallus Barnett writes some exceptionally incisive commentary about the exploitative nature of this commercial. Brenden, do you know the name of the actor in this “cure alcoholism commercial”? Also would the insurance provided for by Obamacare pay for poor white people born in trailer parks or poverty stricken New Mexico where Tom udall does not believe in killing ISIS?

    Your insights would be greatly appreciated!

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