An Iconic Jeopardy Champion bringing us Twitter’s Finest


We have Arthur Chu to thank for vetting his voluminous queue of tweets to bring us incisive commentary and penetrating analysis about the problems that plague denizens of the planet earth.

Even an infrequent viewer of the game show Jeopardy remembers the aggressive, rapid-fire style that netted close to $300,000 for the Chinese guy who lives quite comfortably, probably sleeping in whenever he wants. He often cut off Alex Trebek, who likes to show off his knowledge too when a contestant misses the question, while intimidating the other players selecting the high dollar answers first!

Chu retweeted Mallory Ortberg @mallelis who is apparently serious when she tweeted “yes we still need feminism the lack of female serial killers is no accident, woman are discouraged from serial killing at a young age”

It is almost as though Mallory believes female serial killing is something akin to being overly promiscuous or ignoring their school work!! My apologies if Mallory Ortberg is just being sarcastically humorous, but it sounds like a sincere tweet.

It is rather alarming that someone could pen a relatively intelligently worded 140 words and not realize how crass, inane, and clueless she sounds with respect to her understanding of the feminist movement!

Is Mallory Ortberg Serious??
Is Mallory Ortberg Serious??





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  1. Whoever wrote this needs to lighten up. That chick is the same girl who tweeted “can u not prostitute thy daughter, to cause her to be a whore; lest the land fall to whoredom, and the land become full of wickedness.”
    She is just crazy and having fun man….did you see how she replaced Thou shalt NOT with can you NOT in a bunch of Bible verses!!! What a rush. That girl is nuts but cool!!

  2. It is a tough read on whoever wrote this post whether they are being serious or not, but Mallory is clearly making fun of the feminist movement. Don’t you dimwits get it? I will explain it to you if I must. You see, she is really saying feminism is a pathetically useless endeavor because we need it to raise girls that won’t be predisposed to serial killing. If that is the only good that comes out of feminism, then it is time to put it in the attic. I feel like a complete nerd now. Oh well, now you know how Mallory is wired.

  3. Arthur chu also believes deep systemic institutional racism is prevalent in USA

    Arash Karimi Muslims are depicted as irrationally angry(cover of newsweek) but Nazis get a GQ spread. The difference is the nazi movement ended, what 60 years ago?, angry young Islam adherents are killing and recruiting for ISIS now!!! Thank god Donald Trump will wipe the vermin out!!!

      1. Arthur Chu Tweeted: I honestly can’t think of any stories I really like that I’d actually want to live in.

        Wow! Does Arthur mean his dark side is SO DARK that he is only entertained by evil, menacing books?

  4. Trebek costs his contestants money. Why? Alex whiles away as much as 15 seconds trying to explain why a contestant got an a question wrong or how they should have thought about it more circumspectly. Remember Alex… have answer right in front of your face. I wish the players would be aggressive like Arthur and just CUT him off forcefully by selecting an answer from remaining catergories. Just pretend like he is not talking guys! We never get to see some of the great Science, Physics, and Math Answers because of Trebek taking 10 seconds here 5 seconds there. In program where there is maybe 22 minutes of non commerical game time, the producers of jeopardy should put him on a leash.

    1. Jon “the machine” Eisenman won 5 in a row before being eliminated by a very obscure final jeopardy clue about the only true indigenous people of Europe. Gypsies would have been legitimate answer.

      Jon would be my lawyer would be my choice if aggressive white cop pulls me over.

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