An IEP may have good intentions, but so what?


IEP stands for Individualized Education Program or Individualized Education Plan. An IEP, like many social programs, has good intentions and do I need to summon that famous quote that “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”? A dear friend, Oklahoma chess player Robert Chalker ,   believed that “good intentions” were the origin of many problems.

Please understand the criticism that follows is NOT directed at children with true learning disabilities.

Terri Mauro tells us that The individualized part of IEP means that the plan has to be tailored specifically to your child’s special needs — not to the needs of the teacher, or the school, or the district. 

The specific details of your kiddo’s special needs will be worked out at an IEP meeting which may include the parent, social workers, teachers, principals, therapists, learning specialists, and psychologists.

Now let’s flash forward to your child’s college graduation and all the optimism that surrounds his first professional job search. He manages to find a good job and within a few weeks he is texting you about how impatient his boss is with respect to deadlines.

Here is where the reality sets in after about 12 years of IEPs. How do you undo over a decade of being mollycoddled and pampered by teachers who were afraid to challenge you academically because of a bunch of soft rules laid out by an IEP?

Answer: YOU DON’T ……Your child will be fired and replaced with somebody who requires minimal supervision and can self start.

IEP’s and No Child Left Behind may have had the best of intentions, but they DO NOT PREPARE people for the challenges they will face in the REAL WORLD!! An IEP may not be worthless at a young age, but get your kid off them as soon as possible otherwise they will enter the cruel world believing they will always be catered to. The bottom line is that an IEP will likely harm your kid’s chances of working independently and keeping their employer happy.


IEP Parent Battles

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  1. Where in the hell do you get off slamming IEP’s? An IEP was the only thing that got my kid through the crappy middle school he was in. The teachers and the principal sucked there. They were underpaid and did not give a crap. My child knew more about mathematics than the math teacher. It is really easy for people like you to kick back and talk about how things should be……….. let me know when you can figure out a way to get our children through a lousy public school system

  2. There are many kids with emotional disorders who are cognitively challenged who need IEPs, but remember that the teacher is stuck dealing with them when there are 20 other kids in the class who function just fine! A teacher only has so much time to go around. If your child has issues, please spend your own money on them by seeing a specialist rather than slowing down the whole class for a few!

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