Another Big Gas guzzling Pickup, another NRA Zealot


Rant       When somebody drives around in vehicle with an outrageous bumper sticker, they deserve to be outed and even confronted.

The bumper sticker I am pissed off about was on a Black Chevy Silverado pickup purchased at Sierra Blanca Motors in Ruidoso,NM parked at the Roswell Convention Center where RMAC was hosting the chalk art festival this particular weekend.

The sticker, just beneath an Alaska Moose or Elk sticker, reads “NRA Stand and Fight”. Judging from the two bullet holes above the Sierra Blanca Motors logo, the owner of this truck is quite willing to fight for his right to bear arms as most National Rifle Association members are.

Let us suppose that the owner of the black pickup vehemently supports private ownership of “machine gun type weapons” and believes the second amendment was penned to support that quite unnecessary possession of deadly force.

Then I am completely sure said individual would also support the following specious “argument” penned by William A. Levinson:

“It is not effective to argue that the Second Amendment allows ownership of any weapon whatsoever, even though this might have been the intention of the Founding Fathers. Our opponents(People who want rapid fire automatic weapons banned) argue that the Founding Fathers were talking about single-shot muskets, and we counter correctly that muskets were the colonial counterpart of the M-16; every army on earth used them.”

Levinson’s logic, at first, appears unassailable but dodges the irrefutable claim that any law that makes it more difficult for psychos to kill a lot of people is incontestably a GOOD LAW!

I am sure that the American Thinker columnist would counter with more of his pseudo logic in an attempt to refute said claim.

NRA Stand and Fight Bumper Sticker
NRA Stand and Fight Bumper Sticker



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    1. Donald Salsman will clearly vote for “The Donald” in upcoming national election. His letter to editor of Roswell Daily Record suggest he is on the “terrorist watch list”. National security overrides civil rights Mr Salsman. Aurora Colorado, Orlando, Florida, Roswell NM with its own mass murder problems, and the weekly shooting you see on CNN. Screw your civil rights PAL!

      As for your contention, this violates due process, I have a plan. Let’s duly process all the bastards that acquired assault rifles under the aegis of your beloved second amendment. We could “duly process” them by skinning them alive in public one square inch at a time. Wonder if that might stop the onslaught of latent homosexuals shooting 50 people at a time in night clubs. Here is the deal Donald: Cruel and unusual punishment should be used for cruel and unusual crimes. Wait til it happens to somebody you love and your heart has turned cold! You and your constitution are living in the distant past. It is a document that could not have forseen the changes in technology and weaponry available to the citizenry these days. Please pull your head out of your idealistic ass. Take care and God Bless.

      1. I was trying to find out more about the death of Jeremy Deason of Dexter in one vehicle roll over. Searched Google and get to Roswell daily Record only to be flooded by long cumbersome list of advertisement. NOT one fact or detail about Deason’s tragic passing. Is the newspaper that poor and desparate for unrelated advertising revenue with ads like “did you know Santa Claus is gay?” or Kim Kardashian having butt love with two NBA players at once.

        Found out more details at his cousin Jerusha Rogers Facebook page!!

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