Another dead addict, so what?


The following article about an addict who died in her jail cell illustrates how most Americans turn to the government to be responsible for errors in their own personal judgement and accountability. The autopsy revealed Eusemia Rodriguez died of chronic alcoholism, but her estate/family won a half million dollar settlement from Santa Fe County!

Deputy warden Mark Caldwell was not to blame as Rodriquez did not ask for his help on the day of her death. Eusemia Rodriquez was in jail for assault and battery on a member of her family.  Her own boyfriend had been arguing with her about the disruptive and destructive nature of her addiction. She was a heroin and alcohol addict which means she chose to end her life early by consuming lethal substances.

She spent the last few hours of her life crying and begging for help because of decisions and choices she made. The jailers are not at fault for letting someone die who preferred death to life. Yesenia Loya, another woman in a nearby jail cell for failure to Appear or comply according to arrest records at mugshot/, indicated Rodriquez left this world due to heroin withdrawal symptoms.

In a time where hard working non addicts are having a hard time living comfortably, one more dead addict will not be missed.

Alcoholic heroin addict dies in jail
Alcoholic heroin addict dies in jail

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  1. Lawsuit by “the estate” of Hector Interiano is completely unjustified. He was after behaving aggressively in public and hallucinating with violent behavior and intentions. He died in Chaves County Jail. Prison staff repeatedly try to provide medical care, but were met with agitated and aggressive actions from Interiano who was high on amphetamines and THC. He was banging his head on jail cell wall screaming delusional unwilling to accept medical treatment and posing grave threats to prison personnel. What do you expect from a spice smoker who had given up on life?

    1. Gaby Interiano, Hector’s sister, wanted $9000 from a gofundme account she set up to transport her brother’s corpse to California for burial. She has raised around $1700 in 15 months. It would be much cheaper on Hector’s loved ones whom he predeceased to cremate him in Roswell and FedEx his ashes back to Oxnard where they could be spread in memoriam. We do not really know how much SIS would spend on little brother’s funeral costs…now do we? Does anybody know if they just leave his body in the morgue refrigerator until next of kin can come up with the cash? He passed December 2015. Perhaps his body has been disposed of and the GoFundMe account is still accepting donations? Carlos Limon appeared to be closest to him.

      1. Gaby Interiano is a realtor in Oxnard California and is used to getting unearned money. Real estate agents get 7% commissions on expensive homes without lifting a finger other than to pick their nose or issue fake comments to their clients.

        Gaby Interiano should stay out of the gofundme Beggar mode and save space in Roswell NM morgue by burying her deceased brother in cheap grave at South Park cemetery!

        1. Michelle Fuentes, former RISD employee, stole over 300,000 dollars from JJM Farms in Dexter NM. Michelle will NOT spend a single day in jail for ripping off her employer!! Judge James Hudson gave her a sentence of supervised probation and $500 per month restitution. That is bullshit Judge and you know it. In a town full of thieves like Roswell, thank you for being spineless sending message thieves do not have to spend any time in the pen!!!

  2. Thanks to Dianne Meda for pointing out how common it is for addicts to croak, relapsing after drug/alcohol detoxification. Even addiction professionals like herself do not seem to get that there is not much hope for hard core addictive personalities. The tendency is to enable a loved one, really being aware you are just being manipulated for that next fix or drink. God Bless you for trying Dianne in this unbearable heat crime stricken home we call Roswell, New Mexico. Your efforts along with those of FRANK G. MAGOURILOS do not go unnoticed with respecte to DWI screening and evaluation. The money Chaves County spends on you guys is worth every penny!

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