Another Hero Hoping Ellen was Watching


When I was growing up in West Texas, House fires, home emergencies, traffic accidents, etc were just as common as they are today. Most citizens in Midland, Big Spring, Odessa, Kermit, Andrews, and Monahans would willingly help anybody in distress and not expect much media attention or reward.

Their’s was civic-mindedness born of decency and being a good Christian and any reward for being good would manifest in an afterlife called heaven for god fearing souls.

Things have changed. It seems like around half of Ellen Degeneres’  TV programs result in huge cash and gift give aways to deserving people who would not have gotten a cent for their deeds back in the 60s or 70s. People back in that era did not expect publicity heaped munificence from talk show hosts.

A caring neighbor named Robert Ring in Albuquerque was recognized on the evening news for being quick thinking when he observed that his neighbor’s house was on fire. Robert frantically pounded on the front door of the burning home never getting an answer. He ran around to side window where he was able get his neighbor out of the flame engulfed home.

He described his life saving actions to KOB news later on in a statewide telecast with his dejected daughter at his side.

Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres specialize in culling through these type of “Hero” acts and have to pick out the best of the best to appear on their show for a nice pay day. It almost feels like some of these “Heroes” are auditioning for an appearance on either of these shows versus helping somebody solely for the sake of helping them.

Please understand that Robert Ring did likely save his neighbor’s life and many thanks to him for that, but going so public with how it when down is a bit over the top and leads one to question his true motives.

I have seen one too many guests on the Ellen show squealing with excitement as the lesbian talk show host describes their plight or heroic effort. I wonder if the heroic guests would even make an appearance if they didn’t believe a cash reward was coming their way?


Hero posturing for invitation to Ellen Degeneres Show
Hero posturing for invitation to Ellen Degeneres Show

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