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The Yorkshire Ranter quit producing excoriating commentary on May 20, 2012. At least two reasons for his cessation of penning perceived injustices from this vantage point.

  1. Nobody knew who he was as he never identified himself. So he could never feel truly uplifted if people admired or shared his  point of view.
  2. His readers and subscribers grow thin as they quickly realize bonding with anonymous sources is quite hollow emotionally.

What follows is a couple of his views, one of which is shared by GOP Americans regarding working people living at lower standards than welfare and government handout recipients:

Somewhat in the spirit of this XKCD cartoon. There are memes(thanks to Richard Dawkins) that allow us to tell if other people are likely to be worth speaking to – like biomarkers for language. For example, someone who disbelieves in plate tectonics probably has a wide range of other weird beliefs(would that be anything like your weird belief that chaps who don’t believe in plate tectonics are inferior?)

The latest one of these I’ve noticed is the idea that you have to be unemployed to get housing benefit in the UK. Knobber after horrible knobber shows up talking about claimants “in houses working people couldn’t dream of”. Wrong, wrong, wrong. So unfortunately, I’ve come to the parting of the ways with Tim Garton Ash. In an otherwise mostly sensible column(sensible of course means whenever Ash happens to agree with your arrogant London perspective; what is a Knobber anyway?)


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  1. Mr Daniels,

    Your criticism regarding the attempted anonymity of the British blogger you chose to rant about is way off base. His name is Alexander Harrowell and he is admired and venerated in Blogosphere. Also I am sure you have reacted negatively when blokes don’t agree with your version of reality!!

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