Are you an African American or NOT?


The Nigerian girl with straight hair you see is studying in Dallas Texas and was featured on the one square mile in Texas television program.(Read Robert Wilonsky for more depth) The young lady is the first person from her family who has had the opportunity to be educated in the United States.

She aspires to be either a business or a criminal lawyer. Also, she mentioned during a brief interview on the program that she is frequently asked if she is an African American. She politely, but quickly dismisses such questions, almost defiantly, declaring that she is an African living in America.

Hmmmmm…..lets see here. I think most Nigerians have curly hair. I suspect her hair was curly while she resided in Nigeria. What do you think? Hair straightening is a common act of assimilation for blacks in the United States.

We get that you want to stay connected to your roots, but apparently there were not enough jobs to go around for you when you lived in Nigeria. So, that make you an African American in my view. You are being trained in America to earn US dollars, some of which, you will certainly send back to Africa to help care for you family.

You really can not have it both ways: Trying to project the image of a “proud of her country African girl” and NOT calling yourself an African American. The United States is the country that is taking you under her wing and allowing you to get the proper training to produce a lot of income for you and yours. You need to respect that and not make a big deal about being an African living in America. If you are not willing to call yourself an African American, then move back to Nigeria and see if you can support your family solely from the resources available there. I do get that you probably do NOT want to associate yourself with the violent African American criminals who have been giving our country such a terrible international reputation.

I certainly recommend the TV program one square mile in Texas as an indicator of the the amazingly diverse cultural enclaves that exist there.

Nigerian girl featured on one square mile in Texas tv program
Nigerian girl featured on one square mile in Texas tv program

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