ARMED Black Man Shot and Killed by Police


After the spate of liberal media reportings of UNARMED black teens being shot by white police officers, this thinly penned report of an armed black man in Jennings, Missouri who had locked his mother out of her own home was at least a step in the direction of journalistic neutrality.

In an area close to the race hotbed of Ferguson, Thaddeus McCarroll, behaving aberrantly, told his mom that he was going on a journey or a mission to incite a “black revolution”. I certainly can not blame McCarroll for his feelings after the deadbeat father black man was shot in the back while running from white police officer. The father was not paying his child support and had been arrested for aggravated assault, but the white police officer was arrested, as he should have been, for murder in a bona fide ¬†shooting of an unarmed black man.

Thaddeus McCarroll, walking around the neighborhood with a Samurai sword, several knives, and a Bible charged police officers and they reacted by firing a less lethal round at the justifiably angry black martyr for his cause. This action did not slow down the man on a suicide mission and he was then shot multiple times expiring at the scene with body camera evidence uploaded to YouTube to corroborate the police officers version of the events that transpired at this all too common clash between law enforcement and black citizens livid over the way they are being treated.

I did not see any mention of the ethnicity of the police officers who shot McCarroll. Could that mean that they were Black and media could not crow about another instance of White Police Officers shoots innocent Black man?

Armed black man shot and killed by police officers
Armed black man shot and killed by police officers

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  1. I hope Cory Hughes, organizer of Dallas Rally over young black men being shot by white police officers, will find this and reply from his heart. I believe many of the black men who were shot were looking for trouble and asking for it. I am not saying ALL officer involved shootings were necessary. Please don’t tell me it is simple as white people hate black people. A large percentage of the killings were provoked by black men who maybe were looking to be a martyr and go down fighting, but most of them were thugs who gave white officers no choice.

    1. Much was omitted about Alton Sterling’s behavior at Triple S convenience store in Baton Rouge, La. He sold CDs on the street and purchased a gun for protection. He was seen multiple time showing his gun to homeless people to make them go away fearing they would steal money he “earned” selling pirated CDs. Customers of the Food Mart were afraid to go in because they witnessed Sterling flashing his gun. Sterling has a right own a gun, but he DOES NOT have the right to make patrons of convenience store uncomfortable which cuts into the its profit. The police officers told him to not wave his gun and he became belligerent. He died just like plenty of the other ignorant Blacks who don’t know when to back down.

      BTW does anybody know how ex con Amiri King became a YouTube star. The dude just dropped the F-Bomb over and over, but at least he is a backer of police. He fancies himself as somebody with a lot of common sense. I guess so he has a lot of followers.

    2. Did you read the piece by Michael Harriot about arguments against black lives matter broken down to their molecular bullshit? Harriot proves, like many negroes, he didn’t learn anything in chemistry or he would have used the term atomic in lieu of molecular. He fancies himself as intelligent writing for Let’s break down the name of the website where he shares his thoughtless drivel: neguswhoread would more politely translate to Black Men Who Read. OK, that would be around 5 including him and our president. Michael does have some promise as a writer if he can just admit that many of the “Black Victims” were punk thugs who were asking for it. Sure there is a scant percentage of bad cops. When they come into contact with Black Scum looking for trouble, what do you expect to happen Mr Marriot?

      1. Albuquerque mother is suing APD because her punk son got shot at a party. She is blaming them for not responding to her “emergency call”. Her drunk son was causing trouble and now mommy is blaming police. Simon Drobik conducted himself professionally ,but must be puking his guts out. She should be fined for frivolous law suit.

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