Autistic Mother’s Lawsuit should be Dismissed


        Rant      Did you all read about the mother of retarded girl who created a disturbance on United Flight because attendants would not feed her a hot meal which was NOT a benefit of the ticket purchased by her mother?

The mother, Donna Beegle, effectively threatened the flight attendant by stating that her retarded daughter Juliette would throw a temper tantrum if she did not get a hot meal for free.

This sort of sounds like mother is saying if you do NOT give my daughter a free hot meal, then I will allow her to create a scene disturbing the rights of the other passengers to have a peaceful and uneventful journey.

Everybody empathizes with the parents of a child who is mentally challenged and will probably never be able to take care of herself, but to expect that an entire plane full of folks must be forced to be inconvenienced so retarded girl will not throw a hissy fit is also NOT right MOM and Dad who was not mentioned in news article. Don’t be a nuisance and expect concessions from passengers on an airplane who are trying to get from point A to point B without a drama queen mother who expects preferential treatment.

Finally, I would LOVE to see United Airlines file a counter lawsuit against the mother who is clearly filing a frivolous lawsuit. Mom bought an economy class ticket to help minimize vacation expenses and should adhere to the terms of service and not whine and make a scene like her autistic daughter did. The public can see you are trying to get a big payday to help you support your challenged daughter. NOT GONNA HAPPEN LADY. There are way too many unaccountable people in our country, just like you, who are always looking for a “lawsuit angle” and a shyster lawyer who will take their case.


A mother in Oregon is filing a discrimination lawsuit after her daughter, who has autism, was ordered off a United Airlines flight along with the rest of her family.

Donna Beegle was returning home from Disney World with her family, along with her 15-year-daughter Juliette, when Juliette got hungry. Beegle told the flight attendant her daughter did not want the food she had bought, and did not like the food they were given as holders of economy class tickets

The mother said she approached a flight attendant to ask if they had any hot food. After a half hour heated exchange where the flight attendant told Mom her mentally challenged daughter could not get a hot meal, Mom told plane personnel that her daughter might “lose it and go ballistic or have a meltdown”



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  1. I agree with what UNITED AIRLINES did. They put the convenience level, of the majority of their customers, ahead of being Politically Correct and pandering to a family that has autistic offspring . I have a cousin, whose son Is autistic , and I refuse to travel with the family. I’ve even booked a different flight, to not travel with him. The tantrums get on my nerves, and if that makes me “Despicable Me”; then too bad. I value my comfort level, above pandering and coddling the Liberal Apologist, who seek to tell everyone that deficiencies are okay.

    If I had been on that flight; I would have written a letter of commendation, for the pilot. The customer is not always right. No one should have to be subjected to a child who has uncontrollable outbursts. Whether the child, has Autism, or is simply an uncontrollable brat.

    People need to learn to get their spinal column back. One of the reasons why our society is in its current condition; is because we have used too much energy, trying to prop up the weaker and deficient members of society. What ever happened, to Darwinism?

    That’s why I am glad, to own my own business. I don’t have to kiss anyone’s ass. I know I sound like a prick, but I worked hard to work my way out of the hood and slums I grew up in in Houston.

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