Being Responsibly Drunk in Public


The two guys you see at the bar at the 19th Street Diner in Glenwood Springs,Colorado were being quite loud and obnoxious on this rainy football Sunday. They and their long haired friend, not seen in the picture, were extremely drunk well before noon. Their screaming and yelling made it impossible for me to have a conversation with my girlfriend and we were seated quite a distance from the foul mouthed football fans.

The main problem was that 3 or 4 young couples and their children were at this sport’s bar/diner and had to listen to the inebriated football fans yelling the Lord’s Name in vain and other choice expletives every time a call went against their team. An older gentleman got so tired of their clamorous tirades that he approached them only to be ignored.

Owners Katie and Rick Bell and Rick Wernsman should be more selective about who they allow to patronize their Diner. The female bartender this particular day did nothing to shut up the drunk loud mouths despite the obvious disgust of most of the Diner patrons.

Drinking and bars go hand and hand, but when the boisterous behavior of a few immature young men interfere with the dining experience of the patrons, the proprietors or bartender has to step up and kick out the inconsiderate alcoholics. The bar owners make money off selling booze, but need to instruct the bartender to know when to quit serving up the addictive substance to unaccountable customers who do not know or care when to quit drinking! These 25 year old men reminded me of kids in middle school trying to get attention. Very pathetic.

We mentioned our experience to Mary who runs the Cedar Lodge Motel a couple of blocks away. Two Motel Guests warned us that the 19th Street Diner has had that reputation for some time and that the Diner loses a lot of business to guests of the Hotel who would otherwise conveniently walk over and enjoy an excellent meal and a good time! BTW, Mary and the guy working there do a marvelous job of managing this inexpensive, clean, and fairly well maintained lodge!

I wonder if Randy Gradishar, playing for the Broncos in Jersey number 53 which you see behind the drunkards, would have approved of such loutish behavior over the game he loved?





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