Bill Collectors Have No Scruples


Most of us have had the depressing experience of going to the doctor where it is no longer common to as ascertain the cost of the medical service being rendered. The doctor’s assistant we saw recently seemed almost taken aback when we queried the cost of a colonoscopy and some blood work.

The greedy mindset practiced by many physicians is to not divulge anything about the prices and bill the hell out of the insurance companies. We had a medical procedure/surgery performed. The surgeon billed insurance company $4300. Insurance company paid $3200 saddling us with an $1100 out of pocket bill!

They just as well could billed insurance company $6000 and would know the difference. No wonder Canadian doctors are mass migrating to USA which is now the land of medical avarice.

So when we refused to pay the excessive out of pocket bill, the physician retained the services of Financial Corporation of America address 12515 research blvd in Austin Texas to collect said bill.

These collection entities are truly the vultures of humanity. Their actions are immoral as they are attempting to skim off the insurance gravy train. Trump should solve the problem relatively soon. How did such duplicitous sleaze balls manage to get such an honest and decent sounding business moniker?!


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  1. Stupid Americans are why the bill collecting space is so incredibly competitive. Ignorant people charging indiscriminately on their credit cards and getting assraped by title and payday loan sharks.

    This still does not justify the absurd point of view of Ted Rall who states moronitude is ubiquitous in America. Ted was clearly thumbing through a thesaurus trying to find words that would project him as an intelligent person. However when he was trying to produce a synonym for stupid he just appeared to makeup the term moronitude.Good work Mr Rall!!!!

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