Bob Costas Exposed on Gun Control


Keith Bell, in his inimitable style, brings down a very high profile commentator. Bob Costas, an exceptionally intelligent and quick witted individual, believes that Jovan Belcher would still be alive if the government created more laws making it difficult to purchase and own guns. Rich people like Costas often have ideal view points because they really do not have to live in the real world where people get robbed and assaulted.

Carrying Bob Costas’s specious logic a step further, we should control the production and distribution of baseball bats or any other potentially lethal item. Like Keith Bell’s cartoon says “Costas  demonstrates the need for microphone control!” In actuality, a responsible armed citizenry is a far better solution to rampant crime than government gun control. Great cartoon, Mr. Bell, humorously illuminating the ignorance of  “well-intentioned”  celebrities out of touch with the real world!

The controversial cartoonist employed by the Roswell Daily Record is also great at uncovering fraud and corruption locally. He recently alerted citizens that their local college ENMU bypassed the recommendation of a respected neutral and unbiased auditor regarding internal fraud by a group of teachers.

Jeff Tucker, a reporter for the Roswell Daily Record, stated that the third party auditors indicated ENMU-R had the most severe lack of internal controls to prevent fraud that they had ever seen!  This makes it all come clear why the ENMU disciplinary committee let EMS teachers off the hook. A revamping of the internal controls would tighten the leash on what is likely rampant, if not systemic, fraud at a school that can get voter approved funding in Bond Elections.

Another Keith Bell Gem
Another Keith Bell Gem

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  1. Alfred Bolkovac of Roswell,NM is understandably indignant about the the fallacious tripe penned by Merilee Dannemann(way too many n’s in her last name!). Dannemann speciously and erroneously believes increased gun control laws will lead to reduction in crime.Somebody may have to kick down her front door in a home invasion for her to understand Americans have a right to arm themselves in their domicile. Carrying weapons in public is different than having weapon that always remains in your hacienda.

    1. Black man Demario Jamal Allen and a light skin Hispanic invaded the home with a Yale Place address in Roswell NM. Felon with a firearm and aggravated burglary

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