But, I am already back GEICO



Just when I thought GEICO insurance company was the master of scale and efficiency, I get this email from them declaring how much they want me back and how much they miss me. SOB SOB

Only problem is that I have been a GEICO car insurance customer for over a month AND the dimwits keep sending torrents of snail mail and email as though they have no clue that I AM a current customer! That’s write they are trying to get me back as though they think I let my policy expire.

Read the below letter from them saying You were once a GEICO customer-we hated to see you go, and we would love to have you back.

Well guys, tell your IS department I am already back. A company of your reputation should be embarrassed at this type of SNAFU which raises questions about your lack of organization and internal communication. Please send somebody the memo!





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