Capital One Credit Card Offer on TransUnion Login Screen


I pay $16.95 per month to monitor my credit with TransUnion so as to avoid the disasters that identity theft can create. Staying on top of your credit score these days can determine how much you have to pay on your home mortgage payment/interest, whether you get a job or not, whether you get denied or accepted for an insurance policy, and the price of the premiums!

Take a look at the screen shot of what I saw after I logged into my TransUnion account. Before I could even get to my credit score and my credit report, TransUnion informed me that I may be pre-qualified for a Capital One credit card. Yes, they wanted me to do something that could LOWER MY CREDIT SCORE before I even checked to see what my credit score was!!!! If you are not aware, new credit lines initially hurt your credit score. Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion will give you higher credit scores for revolving lines of credit that have been open for longer periods of time. This makes sense, so why would TransUnion advertise something that hurts your credit?

Could it be that TransUnion makes more money from advertising credit cards than they do from their monthly subscription fees. Could it also be true that TransUnion profits from something that is in direct opposition to your improved credit score? NO WAY, we all know TransUnion wants nothing but the best for its customers and they would never do anything that could adversely impact your precious credit score.  Right? right??

TransUnion Credit Card Offer on Login Screen

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