Children are Expensive


Battling poverty has always been a major problem in all countries. The picture you see below of the Food Bank Network of the San Luis Valley and Adelante was taken just across the street at the Welcome to Colorado visitors center in Alamosa, Colorado. The Food Bank Network is part of the Gleaning Project and the Adelante sign you see has “Transitioning Families from Homelessness” written just underneath Adelante.

If the Food Bank Network and Adelante are both privately run and PRIVATELY FUNDED businesses/endeavors, then nobody has the right to criticize their philanthropic mission to help the poor.

However, if either the Food Bank Network or Adelante receives money from the local, state, or federal government then the American tax-paying public has a reason to be very involved in how their tax dollars are being spent. Income inequality has always been a problem in all countries and nations, BUT who forced couples to have so many children that they needed government aid to take care of and raise their kids?

Many couples who are having too many children can NOT even take care of themselves, yet they are making babies at unacceptably high rates! So a Message to all  you Moms and Dads who are Transitioning Families from Homelessness: Quit having so many damn kids! The next president of the United States might cut off that tit you have become so accustomed to sucking on! After all, you cannot send ALL of your kids to the Job Corps. To rear a child nowadays can cost around one million dollars from the delivery room until college graduation.

If you people keep having kids like rabbits, the USA will eventually start castrating males or adopt a law like the single child rule in China! Oh yeah…..and ask Bill O’Reilly what he thinks about income inequality.

Food Bank Network and Adelante in Alamosa Colorado



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  1. The article on when to cut off immature and irresponsible adult kids by Ellen Breslau is a must read. This grandmother points out if you don’t , then the quality of your retirement life will descend into the toilet.

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