Clines Corners Subway Closed Too Early Friday Evening


Anybody who drives I40 in New Mexico is familiar with Clines Corners located at the intersection of US 285 and I-40. Motorists travelling from Amarillo,TX look forward to stopping at this quaint Curio shop advertised as New Mexico’s largest gift shop and selling items only found in the southwest. Clines Corners is also home to a subway sandwich shop which is typically staffed with listless minimum wage employees.

We stopped there Friday May 25th on our way to Glenwood Springs, Colorado around 6:30 pm ready to wolf down a delicious subway club sandwich. The picture you see below is the CLOSED subway sandwich shop at 6:45 pm on Friday at a FRANCHISE located on a major interstate! There are very prominent subway advertising signs to the east, west, north, and south of Clines Corners.

Subway is no Mom and Pop store and is subject to rules and law governing franchise operations. I do understand that working for minimum wage is depressing and not a very stimulating  way to spend your time, BUT subway franchise owners are still required to adhere to franchise standards. This writer called subway corporate offices to report the violation of corporate policy.  I even asked a Clines Corners’ employee why the subway was closed so early. His response was a rather indignant shrug of the shoulders AND some mumbling about not enough customers. A Tripadvisor link further details the poor service and tourist trap reputation of Clines Corners. BTW, most subways are staffed with friendly, helpful employees.

Find your way to the Subway in Roswell New Mexico on 2nd and Main to see a human bird.

Subway Sandwich Shop on Interstate 40 Closed Too Early

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  1. Allison Aubrey wrote that subway was flagged by blogger Vani Hari for using the potentially carcinogenic bread additive azodicarbonamide. It’s a bleach that prevents mold. The orgasmic Food Babe makes a difference for every day consumers who don’t have time to research these health concerns.

  2. Please reply here if you have stopped for a sandwich at Clines Corners Subway and NOT allowed to use coupons. George Cook, either subway franchise owner or clines corners retail center representative, instructed his employees to post signs declaring national franchise coupons will not be honored. Mr Cooke benefits from the national subway advertising campaign which means he MUST honor all coupons. He is in violation of corporate franchise policy. He did not return our call when we tried to reach him at 505 243 0684. We stopped at Clines Corner coming from Texas ONLY because we saw the National Subway franchise signs posted on interstate. Mr Cook essentially lures patrons into his sandwich shop knowing that they will go ahead and buy a sandwich since it is 6o miles to next Subway that does honor coupons that they are REQUIRED to by Franchise rules!

    Mr Cook’s violations are quite consistent with the tourist trap image dubiously enjoyed by this truck stop located the intersection of interstate 70 and US Highway 285 which runs up through the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

  3. Speaking of tourist traps, Arville Sullins states that his hometown of Roswell is the number one tourist trap in NM. Arville, otherwise an intelligent man, said he found this “on the internet” without citing his source!

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