Conservative/Liberal bickering a Good Thing


Gene E. Harvey(Puyallup,Washington) wrote a letter to the editor of The News Tribute detailing his perception that Leonard Pitts Jr construes the reporting efforts of Fox News as dastardly and evil. I don’t think Pitts used those exact terms in his missive, so Harvey, for starters, is putting words in Pitts’ mouth.

No doubt that Pitts would not mind if Fox News was engulfed by one of those Florida sink holes, however Harvey is as incurably conservative/right wing as Pitts is liberal/progressive.

The liberal/conservative divide is actually quite healthy for our country as after various compromises are made, relatively good policy and law is enacted for 90% of the United States citizens. NO government policy favors all of its populace, so 90% ain’t bad!

The schoolyard rant (TNT, 1-25) by Leonard Pitts Jr. about the dastardly and evil Fox News is, at best, pathetic. He acts as if there is nothing salvageable concerning one of America’s most popular news outlet.(Most of Fox needs no reworking)

Fox, like all news organizations, makes periodic mistakes. Typically they are careful to check out their sources, but no organization is perfect. Fox readily takes responsibility for the few errors they make.

According to Pitts, Fox News is “the propaganda arm of an extremist ideology that spews racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia(Fear of Islam is somewhat justified in current political climate), paranoia and manufactured outrage.” Pitts’ hatred for conservative principles, unfortunately, is widespread among far-left believers.

While the vast majority of conservatives talk about issues that affect our lives, those on the left thrive on divisive attacks on the personhood and motivations of those who adhere to different belief systems regarding the role of government and private citizens.

Incidentally, Fox is the only news network where you will regularly see actual debates between liberal progressives and conservatives.(You mean when those talking heads are ignoring each other by shouting over each other without ANY point/counterpoint)

Times are dire when the left righteously condemns those on the right of the political spectrum as being less than human. This sounds to me like the fundamentalism the left often deems religious folks of being preoccupied.


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