Corporate America’s intersection with Meditation



I was reading an account recently where  an employee sued human resources for not providing adequate emotional support during stressful workplace conditions  including hostility and unfair demands made by his immediate supervisor.

HR countered that it had  only been made aware of the employees duress and hardship at the time the lawsuit was served.

This type of dysfunction between human resources and employees is all too common in the United States where very poor communication  leads to contention, divisiveness and unnecessary litigation.

Enter meditation. Now meditation as it evolved in the Orient and the East is about at far way from corporate greed as anything can get!  However, Wall Street in its incessant push to optimize efficiency and max out profits has reached into the cradle of peace and quiet and yanked out baby mindfulness. Yes, believe it or not, there are mindfulness apps for your smartphone, wearable technology, and mindfulness training classes smack dab in the middle of fortune 500 company work days!

This mind healing stuff even has it’s own category separate from alternative health care with products like  electronic headbands that induce a Zen like, soporific, meditative state.

So yes, the United States which idolizes the market place more than the Good Lord has figured out away to commercially exploit private life improvement practices like transcendental mediation, yoga, and other mind advancing practices similar to those espoused by  Leo Babauta whose body scanning teachings have positively altered the lives of many.

Read the efforts of Elizabeth Sudler for more insight into this unfortunate melding of eastern and western ideologies.






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