Cut Down or Trim that Tree to Avoid a Lawsuit


This is the southeast corner of W Mathis and University on the campus of ENMU in Roswell, NM.  The big blue building in the background is Dean Baldwin Aircraft Painting. I believe that the young men and women marching in the street are members of the ROTC program at ENMU.  To the right of the marching assembly is a disc or frisbee golf course that hardly ever gets used.

So, are you bored with this rant? The things I just mentioned on this college campus are objects that you CAN SEE. If you look near the tree you will notice a stop sign at this intersection which is partially blocked by the tree close to the intersection , but completely blocked from view farther back.

ENMU is in danger of facing serious and expensive litigation if they do not trim or cut down the tree. People familiar with the campus know the stop sign is there but the trickle of airport traffic and out-of-town visitors might easily drive right though the intersection into oncoming traffic which could result in an injurious collision.

If this happened in Lubbock Texas, ENMU would be in violation of corner lot vision clearance code AND the visibility triangle ordinance! I can only surmise that the ENMU physical plant is poorly managed to allow such a dangerous intersection to exist on their campus.


Tree Obstructed Stop Sign ENMU Roswell

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  1. Ted Fares is director of physical plant of ENMU in Portales. Not sure about Roswell. I am surprised they would let stop sign be that obstructed. Very dangerous. Tree trimmer should be all over that. That type of blockage should never exist for more than 36 hours. Perhaps John Madden to get ball rolling.

  2. Congratulations to world disc golf champion kolby sanchez! Does Kolby practice at both enchanted hills and ENMU?

    When will the autographing ceremony be organized. Cielo Grande an excellent choice of venues.

  3. ACO VII competitors marshall Hayes, Dustin Hohner, Tyler Criswell, Tony Aldaz and professionals from Canada competed at Enchanted Lands Park . Thanks to TD Sam Smith for supporting visitors from Hobbs, Arizona, Colorado. Kolby’s mom Jennifer is Soooo supportive!! Thanks Lisa Dunlap for pic!

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