Its the Day to Day that is the Real Tragedy of our Existence


Posting this as a rant is right on the margin of faulty categorization. Its more of a description of the wretched human condition which is often more long term tragic than the occasional murder or rape. I know that sounded callous, but murder and rape happen relatively infrequent compared to the day to day burden of having to be around mean people.

What follows is a paraphrased version of the torment tolerated by a hotel owner who was forced to get along with the wife of an electrician who was doing some quality, inexpensive work for the hotel owner:

I own a motel and have a lot of gossiping and back-stabbing behavior that is causing an unhealthy and disruptive atmosphere. I have addressed each issue immediately and privately in a direct yet firm fashion and warned the offending parties of consequences for future negative behavior. The problem lies in that I also have a longer-term guest staying with us who is wife of electrician doing work for me and has made friends with one of my employees. I would love to kick her ass out but she is there because her husband, a lovely hard-working man and their children are bartering rent for expensive electrical work. They are essentially homeless because of the way she alienates inlaws.

She has been banished by his family and many others and she has been warned repeatedly. We’ve heard him warn her repeatedly, but she has an insidious manner and just begins acting badly in a different way frequently depleting my resources by sucking up to my employee who has been warned multiple times about giving her anything at all because of her constant mooching and office interruptions.

The work her husband is doing would be overwhelmingly expensive and evicting them would mean leaving the children homeless in the winter which is a fact that she is exploiting ruthlessly! We have at least 3 more months of work and I have reached my cracking point and am about to throw them out. I have grown very attached to their kiddos despite the repugnant behavior of their mother. I feel like I am living in HELL


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  1. I think it was a British website called so you’ve been dumped sybd that recorded the following devastating breakup between two people who really loved each other but were ripped apart by forces beyond their control. They were selling a self help book in currency of pounds. Also many thanks to Kylie Nexus for introducing the terms dumper and dumpee and the perils of drawing erroneous conclusions from being instantly rejected by someone with whom you had an inseparable bond!!

    want to tell you that I am sorry. I know that there was more I could have done to help the relationship. I also want to say that I don’t think walking away was the right answer. We were good together and that was a common thought by both of our families and friends. Every relationship hit rough patches and I honestly thought we could overcome anything. Communication is the key and since we both struggle with sharing in different situations we both just didn’t get any relief from the stress that goes into both day to day life( yes friend, the tyranny of the day to day can cleave us!) and also the relationship.

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