Dear David at Orton-Gillingham



Most educators along with the general population detest junk snail mail and email. What you see below is part of an unsolicited email from David at Orton-Gillingham that apparently teaches teachers how to teach English grammar touting the multi-sensory approach to education.

David’s email, if David really exists, is David’s marketing strategy is to go to a college’s website and copy and paste all the faculty emails into his email program. He then broadcast emails all the teachers his companies latest and greatest proprietary professional technology. Don’t you just hate the way the word technology is abused these days.

David please quit doing this. In age where email inboxes are flooded with unwanted emails, you will get scratched off the list before you get a chance to sell your wares.

Update: The gentleman’s name is David Duncan. He has written articles advocating mass email ad campaigns.

Junk email from professional development provider
Junk email from professional development provider

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  1. I know of a David Katz who is an excellent educational therapist there, but don’t think his professionalism would stoop to send spam type solicitations. It is relatively common practice to get a list of professors at a college’s website and do what you are describing. We have found that this practice is effective at about a rate of 10% which far exceeds the junk mail conversion rate of 1%.

    There are regions in Europe like Spain, Greece, and Italy that do not frown on email spam in the same fashion as many Americans do.

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