DINKS of the World Unite


My wife and I were expecting a fat Income Tax return check this year and were pissed to learn we still owe the government around $2500 filing jointly. If we were single filing individually, she would have received a $2300 refund and myself around $1000! That is a $5800 turnaround.

Married couples with no children get screwed hard by Uncle Sam and it irks me to know that some of our tax dollars are funding food stamps and other social programs for lazy people! I get that income tax in the United States is progressive meaning the more you make the more tax you pay disproportionately.

Another option for married couples is to file married but separately. Most of the stuff I have read indicates joint filing is still the least costly way to file. Read the below tax scenario that I found at Turbo Tax help where the husband would have gotten a return of $8800 had he been single, but once he added his wife’s income their refund dropped to $4500! What a pisser. He stresses that married filing separately is quite different than filing single since it is the combined income of you and your spouse that is getting taxed.

I know that what I am stating here is obvious to experienced tax filers, but it still seems unfair. He lost $4300 because he chose to get hitched. The condition of married couples with no kids having problems with income tax is so well known that they are almost sarcastically referred to as DINKS which is an acronym standing for Dual Income No Kids.

Filing Jointly versus filing married separately
Filing Jointly versus filing married separately

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  1. Trent Hamm, a writer at The Simple Dollar site, composes at length about DINKS. His work is more philosophical asking questions like “is it selfish to not have kids?” and detailing expenses required to raise a child. He does not write about the income tax consequences of choosing DINK lifestyle. Wish he would.

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